Ebene SO Noé - So yummy

  1. Gorgeous yeah !!! :drool:
  2. MY GOD

    I have nor words I just love it I can't belive the price so cheap for such a thing :crybaby: pitty I don't have 1K dollar right now
  3. mg omg omg that is stunning! so is that 1k in us dollars? dammit.
  4. That tastes better than Godiva! Buy it!
  5. that is a gorgeous bag.
  6. wow..give me the goose bumps..
  7. God I love that bag!!!! It's an absolute must have!!! Someone please get her!!!
    :drool: :drool:
  8. LOL, good comparison!
  9. Wow it looks yummy!
  10. oh, that is nice!
  11. This is bag is divine!
  12. nice
  13. for 480 euro, its not that badly priced either...
  14. Marvelous bag