ebene luggage tag for damier 25

  1. I was thinking of getting a luggage tag, personalizing it and putting it on my damier 25 speedy. Do you think that might be too much for that little bag?
  2. I think it would look cute. :yes:
  3. hmm...I would assume you mean the smaller size luggage tag? B/c I know there are two sizes...do you know how big it is? It might be too big in comparison to the bag...
  4. I think there are two sizes of luggage tags in vachetta but not sure about the ebene version. I think the ebene luggage tag would be cute on the Damier Speedy 25, but I would recommend a smaller version of the luggage tag.
  5. I didn't know they came in two sizes. I'll have to check it out when I get a chance to visit a boutique. Thanks!
  6. I also think the smaller version will look great on the damier speedy. What a great idea and you could get it heatstamped in red.
  7. I think the small one would look cute! heatstamped in red or gold...:girlsigh: