Ebene luggage tag change?

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  1. I know there is a newer style ref the strap on luggage tags on certain types of bags(Graceful). My friend bought a new graceful and knows how much I wanted the new style tag so she asked for a replacement part when she purchased. She is waiting on that one to come in but gave me hers in the mean time. I live in California about two hours away from the nearest store and she is in Ohio. She shipped me the tag. It looks differant and has a rubber feel to it. Is this how the new tags are? The inside is smooth and not the natural leather rough out feel. Or did someone buy it and change the tag out. Crazy I know but the resale on them is pretty high. Thanks!!! IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0736.JPG IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0738.JPG
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  2. Hi. I have the Graceful in both mono and DE and both my tags look like the tag on the right side of your photo. (Is that what you are asking?)
    The quality doesn’t seem as nice as the tag on the left side of the photo. I guess they’re cutting down on costs.
  3. Hi. Yes. My old tag is just the ruff natural leather. The other is just totally coated. Thank you!!!
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  4. These are two different tags - I know stating the obvious. The tag on the right is pearly a purse/bag tag. Where as the left is a Luggage Tag that comes with luggage. Although the luggage tag does come in both the hard coated leather and the smooth matte finish as well. When I purchased mine I had a choice between the two types of leather.
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  5. LOL
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  7. I guess the bottom line to your question is: is the tag on the right that your friend sent you from the Graceful? Yes it is! :smile:
  8. Yes. I just couldn't believe the quality. And thought it was weird they changed the way the tags were made. Not meaning the strap change. I'm actually really excited to have this for a few bags. The regular luggage tag hangs OK but like the newer style.