Ebene - Is It The New Black?

Feb 11, 2006
I wear black...I love black. The only brown in my wardrobe is a pair of riding boots and a leopard scarf. (and one lonely LV Cabas Mezzo).

So my question is -Should I open my world to a little Ebene?

What do you all think? Is it time for me to embrace the brown? Or is ebene so dark that it's almost black?

Bring on your comments (and pics ;))
Jul 11, 2008
It's very much looking like etoupe is the new black!

Loving black and red at the moment

from socialites and their Hermes thread

Feb 11, 2006
Mooks - that's encouraging. I think I would be most comfortable with a brown that's almost black (if this makes any sense at all :smile: )


Jun 9, 2006
I think mixing black and brown is so very chic. Most of the brown look great with black. I recently got a havanne box kelly and it looks fab with black (if I do say so myself!)....Branch out to a brown and wear it with abandon with your black! ;)

La Vanguardia

Dec 21, 2005
Ebene goes well with black IMO ... but I'm one of those who mix brown and black or blue and black together lol!

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
I think I would be most comfortable with a brown that's almost black (if this makes any sense at all :smile: )
I'm not a fan of brown, so Ebene is the closest I would get. :yes: I personally like the colour as it's not as stark as Noir but yet still has richness and depth.


Mar 9, 2006
Ok...let me ramble here.
I have always been THE black bag lover and pretty much still am. I have to say that I rarely wear browns, but still pop them on from time to time. I know where you are coming from here and you sound like me.
I think it is totally smart to buy a brown and open up your world, BUT do you already own a black Hermes bag? If yes, don't buy ebene. Try something a bit different as ebene is too close to black. If you don't have black then by all means get ebene and it can pretty much serve you all around. It will work great with blacks or browns.

Now...if you are open to other brown choices I can give you some ideas. Let us know.
Feb 11, 2006
I love you guys...thanks for such great info.

I never had to deal with the black with brown issue as I don't own brown!

ms piggy - that was my thought as well. The color is rich looking.

Kellybag - I do own a black togo birkin but the ebene is a different style so I'm not too concerned about having both black and ebene. You do sound just like me...And if you have been able to accept a little brown in your life, perhaps there is hope for me as well???


Still Abby Fabby!!
Oct 21, 2006
Swimmin in a lil bowl
It would seem as though I'm your opposite.

I wear very earthy browns and creams, just starting to reintroduce black back into my wardrobe after a many-year hiatus, and I have an Ebene 35 cm evergrain baby that is very chameleon like. In dark rooms you'd swear she was black, but with a flash or in very bright sunlight she gets a bit lighter (like in my pic below)

LV has created an empire around black and brown, I don't see why you can't borrow a little of that inspiration for your own style. It's a great, small step colour for an armoire full of noir. Good luck, there are some of us here who truly love it and seek it out - just ask S'mom!

Aug 9, 2006
livethelake - I LOVE "EBENE"....it is almost like black and I have it in fjord. I tried my friend's black Birkin with gold and palladium hardware and could not get it to work for me. I also another friend's graphite Birkin, and it looked awful on me. The EBENE was my black bag. It just looked great on.

I have a black Kelly which looks great, and an etoupe Birkin which looks great with my coloring too. I love Hermes colors, b/c I think everyone will find their BLACK.

Hope this helps, and good luck! I totally get what you mean about the NEW BLACK though!


Sep 24, 2007
livethelake, Ebene is a cool brown and beautifully rich, just like 80% cocoa chocolate. I do wear black a lot, but also brown. I love mixing both colors, it is so chic. Your brown riding boots, leopard print scarf and a ebene bag would look fabulous with an all black outfit!

Pic 1 ~ natural light indoors

Pic 2 ~ full sunlight



Apr 6, 2007
to castorny it IS his black. a number of his bags are in ebene. he even has a chair in that color. LOL