Ebene Evelyne vs. Havanne Massai

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  1. need a brown casual roomy shoulderbag to fill in a hole and these are the top contenders. i love both styles but can't have both (at least not now). things to consider:

    -i'm not tall (5'2")
    -i'm skinny (it's the new mother diet -- no time to eat!)
    -i dress pretty casually and mostly in neutrals (primarily black and grey with browns and greens a runnerup)
    -i carry a lot of stuff (but i'm not looking for this to be a diaper bag though it would be nice to throw in a couple diapers and wipes if i have to)
    -i live in the city but get around mainly by car (but i do like to walk a lot)
    -the only other brown bag i own is an lv damier speedy

    thanks for your help ladies!

    btw, the evelyne is clemence gm2 and the massai is evergrain pm.
  2. Have you tried them both on?
  3. yes and unfortunately, i liked them both
  4. Oh, thats tough....

    All else being equal, I think I would say the evelyne, because you can go cross body or shoulder with the evelyne, and you can tie scarves on it, or play with using scarves as handles, etc.... You can have a few more looks, IYKWIM.

    I dont know all the ways to play with the massai. Have you checked the action thread?
  5. I like them both as well...I have the Evelyne and Massai in the GM sizes...I use them for very different things...

    One note...the clemence is a more "hearty" leather than the evergrain... Evelyne is a bit more casual (in my world anyway) than the Massai... Evelyne has the back pocket and is a bit easier to get into than the Massai... I tend to use my Massai more... Massai has zipper closure...Evelyne does not... I would purchase the Massai in clemence...but not an option here... Oh...too difficult to advise...both are great bags...
  6. I have a Masai which I love but it is a little awkward getting in and out with the two zips meeting in the middle and when I'm in a hurry, the edges of the open zip sometimes catch my hand. I think an Evelyn might be nippier and speedier for casual use but the trouble is, I have never handled an Evelyn so I am guessing now...although I have a Picotin and I love the instant access to everything.
    I use my Masai for casual wear and it annoys me a bit having to faff around with the zips (strangely I accept the opening palaver with my Kelly, don't mind that at all)

    In your heart, (which doesn't always allow for practical considerations!) do you love one a bit more than the other? If so, I would get that one.
  7. cobaltblu, i did search for pics of the massai being worn but didn't find too many and didn't find any of it being worn cross body (which i could do using the longer strap, right?)

    socal, both would be ideal but not an option here (mostly because i lack the $$$ and partly because i'm trying to take it slow per your oh so wise words). so i gather that you don't recommend the massai in evergrain? when i said i've tried both on i didn't mean these exact bags and i have never seen evergrain in person (but from what i can tell it's luscious!)

    allaboutnice, those are all good points because with 2 kids under 2 i like easy (though i too am strangely unperturbed by the kelly's more complicated opening). gah, don't even mention the picotin -- i want one of those too but have put it on the backburner for now (don't need another handheld, take it slow, take it slow).

    any thoughts on ebene versus havanne?
  8. Love both colors...ebene and havanne!!! Love my evergrain birkin...it is gorgeous...but have to watch the corners a bit...they do show some signs of wear... I have not experienced wear issues w/ my togo or clemence bags...

    I think Evelyne looks better across the body...Massai could be worn that way with the longer strap, but fit doesn not seem as flattering as Evelyne when worn across...

    Massai has a zipper closure (and interior zipper pocket) if that matters to you...Evelyne does not...but Evelyne is easier to get in and out of...
  9. socal, do you envision that the evergrain massai would face the same corner wear problem as your birkin? i would think the huge difference in shape and the fact that it's a shoulderbag would minimize this issue with a massai. thanks for the insight re wearing them cross body -- can i ask whether you use the long strap on your massai? the zipper closure is probably less of a concern because i never close my bags anyway (though i suppose it would be nice to have the option).
  10. For you, my vote goes to the Evelyne on this one. If you want to dress it up, use a scarf to shorten the strap for more of a shoulder bag.
  11. This is a tough one! I have an Evelyne and love it! And I also would love to get a Massai someday. :yahoo: Both are great bags. I agree the Evelyne is more casual and the Massai could go casual or a bit more dressy. Really love both. :heart:
  12. Corner wear may not be as big of an issue on the Massai...but I do think evergrain works well on the more structured bags...makes them soft/structured...

    I would not wear either bag cross body...I am more apple than pear-shaped and messanger style makes me even more top heavy... (Although I think I wore my Evelyne across once or twice...would never wear the Massai across...)

    Both my Evelyne and Massai bags are in clemence...I think this leather suits the styles very well...
  13. so it seems like all factors are leaning toward the evelyne which would be great except i have one little peeve: i don't love the canvas strap! i'm not sure why but i don't. any advice?
  14. I have a GM Massai in BJ. AMAZING bag.

    I use it as my diaper bag. It fits everything I want PLUS the random stuff I pick up at the mall. I also wear it cross body while wearing the baby in a Snugli on my front. I don't have any problem getting anything in and out of it. Takes a little pratice getting in and out of it, but completely worth it! I use the long strap to make the cross body happen.

    I LOVE this bag! I was looking for a non-diaper, diaper bag, and this is it ... for me at least.
  15. hm, so 2 of you have the gm massai which i thought was huge. can anyone give me the approximate dimensions of the gm vs. pm? and bethee, may i ask how you wear it crossbody with the snugli -- is the strap long enough to fit over the snugli (and baby)? is yours clemence?