Ebene Damier in Alma or Speedy 30?? Please Help Me Decide

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  1. Hi U Lovely People :biggrin:
    Here's something about me that u might find useful to help me decide which Lovely LV I should get...

    I m a Fat Babe... 5'8"... UK Size: 22... I have a...
    Bloomsbury GM which fits me perfectly IMHO, I use it mostly when traveling / shopping.
    Marc Jacobs Baby Stam which doesn't look lost / too small on me IMHO, mostly used it for evening dates with my DH.

    I m now ready to embark on a Hand Held bag and of course LV is the 1st & Only one in my list ;)
    I love Ebene Damier cause I find it more "user friendly" and within my budget, really love Vernis but out of my budget.
    So now the big question is to Alma or to Speedy??
    I like Alma because of the shape, seem like a bag I can dress up or down.
    I like Speedy because it seem like such a practical & yet not too casual kind of bag.
    The only concern I have for Speedy is the "sagging" at the bottom.
    Both of them are almost the same size; I m looking for a bag that's not too big which I would be able to use it casual or dressy as well.

    OK, enough about me... What would U All Lovelies suggest?? :cutesy:
  2. I will go for ALMA. Pretty, pretty....!! Especially like Alma in Vernis or Epi line. :biggrin:
  3. Another Vote for Alma !!
    It is super classy :love:
  4. Hi there... Thanks for the suggestion :smile:
    I would love the Alma in Vernis Pomme (which I don't think LV does it anymore) or Amarante... but it's not in my budget <sigh>
    I also love the Alma in Epi Red... might be able to squeeze that extra bit out of my budget for it :girlsigh:
  5. Thanks for your suggestion Earthx :biggrin:

    At the moment... Alma 2 Speedy 0
  6. Speedy
  7. I vote for the speedy as well. I just ordered my speedy 30 in ebene yesterday and I cant wait to get it next week.:biggrin:
  8. Epi Alma in Rubis is so STUNNING!! :nuts:
    I just saw it IRL last week, and I gone crazy about it lol

    Most of the goodies in my wishlist now are mainly Almas (:
  9. Thanks LVMommy... Thanks Jamiet... for your suggestion :biggrin:
    Any particular reason for your Speedy vote?

    Hmmm... now it's getting interesting; Alma 2 Speedy 2 :girlwhack:
  10. Oh No... not only do we have 2 vote for Alma but they are both for Epi as well... look like I will have to squeeze & squeeze my budget if I go for Alma :nuts:
  11. alma!
  12. My vote goes to the Alma. Much as I love the Speedy, I think the Alma has more versatility as it can be dressed up a bit more than the Speedy.

    Good luck with your decision!
  13. Thanks Ihasalove... Thanks Pltprincess... for your suggestion :biggrin:

    Alma 5 Speedy 2 (a friend of mine voted Alma as well)
  14. I like the Epi Alma. If you want the Damier Ebene, I think you should get the Speedy 30.
  15. i say speedy in damier ebene or alma in vernis. best combos IMO!