Ebel or Movado?? HELP!!!

  1. I need some opinions! Which watch should I get?

    Movado Solid 18K Gold Diamond or Ebel Beluga Mini Diamond? :confused1:

    Those of you who have seen the Ebel it person know in looks MUCH more beautiful in person then in the professional pic...

    Heres a little better pic of the Ebel but the style I would get is without the roman numerals on dial
    orizomopwgdiam[1].jpg 4361[1].jpg Ebel-timepiece-page[1].jpg
  2. Which one does everyone prefer??
  3. Ebel...personally Movado is overdone on high school girls.
  4. I do agree that the less expensive Movado's do seem a little younger but the one I'm considering is the solid 18K version ($8990) but do people generally think that the Movado looks less "mature" I'm 25 and want a classic watch for everyday that i will wear for many years
  5. ebel hands down
  6. My parents just my sister an ebel for her med school graduation... [​IMG]They got here the one with the gold on it with diamonds. I have to agree that the pictures do not do justice for the watch. I really like the one with gold and silver b/c you can wear it with both gold and silver jewlery.
  7. I am partial to Ebel because that is what I wear. I sold Movado watches when I was in college. I thought they were nice, but.....That Ebel will look good dressed up or down. They are also very durable. My watch gets knocked around a lot.
  8. So it seems most of you think I should get the Ebel...

    The only thing is that I can get the solid 18k white gold Movado for around the same price as the Ebel even though the 18K Movado retails for $4245 more then the Ebel since its all 18K gold! The Ebel in stainless retails for $4750 and the Movado in solid 18K retails for $8995...

    Anyone think I should go with the Movado since its solid 18K and retails for much more??
  9. i've never seen the ebel IRL but from the pictures I'd choose the ebel.
  10. Definitely the Ebel!
  11. Thanks for helping everyone!
  12. Chanel-girl, You have some thinking to do here. I understand what you are saying about the solid gold Movado. I think I would need to see them in real life to give you my best opinion. Did you run it by your parents? If so, what do they think?
  13. Still undecided eh?? I think the best way to go is see them for yourself and then take some time looking around too....

    But the solid gold would be my choice...
  14. My mother and father have both seen the Ebel and really like it. They have both only seen pics of the Movado and my mother doesn't think solid 18k is practical because its soft and will get more banged up then stainless...

    I'm just deciding if its a better investment since I can get a much more expensive all gold Movado for the same price bascially as the Ebel

    But on the other hand, the Ebel has close to double the CTW of the Movado....

    OK maybe i should ask which is a sleeker moe simple watch?

    Which one looks classier??
  15. Ebel is the way to go. In fact,the other day I was talking to a Jeweler and he said that Ebel is definately one of the most top quality watches to buy.