Ebay's Trading Assistant/Sell It for me feature?

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  1. has anyone successfully utilized this option as a buyer? I am looking to sell my mint condition Chanel but uneasy about doing it myself on Ebay. it's been years since i've sold anything and very nervous about getting scammed, etc, by buyers. i did a search for my area and found someone who has years experience of selling high end items. She takes a flat fee of 20% for items that sell over $1000 (that includes ebay and paypal fees)
    I was thinking of contacting her but wondered if anyone could lend some insight or tell their experience? thanks!
  2. wow 20 percent seems low since eBay and PayPal fees almost equal that amount...
  3. Yes that seems a little low I would confirm with her the details just incase. I sold a chanel bag recently for $3000 and from my understanding eBay will not charge you more then $100 in fees. soooo If she only takes 20% of the SOLD price then I don't see how can be possibly be making any profit.. and not to mention the paypal fees.