Ebay's Shoes & Purses Forum crashes and burns

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  1. If any posters are regulars at Ebay's own Shoes & Purses forum where members USED TO be able to ask questions about authenticity, you may find the latest Pinned version of the Forum "Rules" very interesting. As of today, if anyone wants to ask about the authenticity of an item, all they can do is link to one photo in the listing - no auction titles or ID numbers allowed:

    "Rules and Guidelines for Posting Item Queries

    1. If you are considering listing a brand name item on eBay.

    Never, under any circumstances, list a brand name item on eBay unless you are absolutely certain the item is authentic. If you are not 100% certain, do not list it on eBay.

    If you need advice, opinions or information about your item, there are many experienced sellers and collectors here on Shoes, Purses & Fashion Accessories Discussion Forum, who regularly and generously give of their time and expertise and will provide you with advice, opinions or general information regarding your item, all of which can assist you in better making an informed and satisfying sale or purchase on eBay.

    2. Posting a query about an item you own.

    If you are the owner of an item looking to receive advice, opinions or general information about your item, you may post a photo of your item on this discussion board. If you have already listed your item on eBay, but for whatever reason, you now require advice, opinions or general information about the item, you may post a link to the eBay item page or the eBay item number for the listing. (If the item is listed on another marketplace, please refrain from mentioning that marketplace by name or inference or linking to that marketplace.)

    You may title the thread around the topic of their query (i.e, "Can someone help me decide about this item I want to list?" or "Need advice about an item I listed"). You must also include a statement in your intial post indicating your ownership of the item, (i.e., "I the owner," or "I own this item.")

    Based on the advice, opinions or general information you recieve in response, you, as the item owner, may consider appropriate next steps for your item (for example, listing the item on eBay, providing a response to a potential buyer, letting a listing run its course or ending a listing).

    3. Posting a query about an item you do not own.

    Never, under any circumstance, post an item number, title, seller eBay User ID or any text, object or image that indentifies a current live eBay item listing, if you are not the seller of that item! Doing so will result in the removal of your post along with the issuance of a warning or posting sanction.

    If you are a buyer considering a purchase of an item on eBay, (If the item is listed on another marketplace, please refrain from mentioning that marketplace) and you wish to ask other posters for their advice, opinions or general information about the item, you may post a link to a non-watermarked photo, and only a photo of that item. Do not link to an item listing page or any other web page. (URLs for the photo must end with .jpg, or .gif. and not .htm or .html or any other file name extension). Never post an item number, link, seller User ID or item title or any other information that could direct a reader to the item listing page on eBay or to another online marketplace or website.

    You may use your query topic as the thread title (i.e, "Can someone help me decide about this item?" or "Considering this, need advice"). You must also include a statement in your post indicating you are not the owner of the item, (i.e., "I am not the owner," or "I do not own this item.")

    4. Posting a photo

    The easiest way to post a photo: Hover your mouse over the photo of the item, right click your mouse, and select Properties. In the pop up box, highlight and copy the entire URL for the photo.

    Paste the URL into your post. If you paste the URL into your post without additional formating, it will create a link that, when clicked, will take the viewer to the photo. If you paste the URL along with the following formating:

    <img src=URL PASTED HERE>

    (no spaces between the "=" and the ">") This formatting will embed a copy of the photo in your post.

    Please keep in mind that along with the above, the Discussion boards usage policystill applies.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Jim Griffith

    If anyone has ever assumed that the people running Ebay knew what they were doing, you may want to re-think that assumption. Hopefully this should bring even more members to tPF.

    Forum posters are NOT happy - read this fast before it gets removed (if it does, I have a copy of it up to post# 47):
  2. #2 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    OH MY.. how very assanine.

    Them's some angry members....
  3. Yep, and "Griff" whose wholesale banning of board posters STARTED this problem is already busy removing posts, at least three have already vanished (and I'm sure the posters put on temporary or permanent board suspension).
  4. Gestapo Board.... they might as well close it and be done w/ it.

    His Ebay MY WORLD is certainly warm & fuzzy.

    I don't frequent these boards, so what is the driving force behind this?
  5. #5 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    It's a long story - in a nutshell, a poster who was temporarily banned from there, came over here and was banned from tPF in less than a week, then declared vendetta on any posters she thought had been involved in the "plot" against her and went on a reporting binge. And the zombies in charge of moderating the Ebay forums started pulling posts and banning members right and left until the banned posters (almost all are regular and very well-qualified fakes reporters) complained directly to Ebay.

    Since the poster who caused the trouble in the beginning (both at Ebay AND here at tPF) seems to have convinced "G" that she (notwithstanding her venomous posts elsewhere on the internet and her 25 different Ebay IDs) was the innocent injured party, he seems to feel that he can control the "disruptive element" (i.e. the regular posters and fakes reporters) by making it impossible to spot, bring attention to or report fakes via the Shoes & Purses board.

    So now if anyone asks about a specific auction at the S&P board, their post will get pulled and they can be banned. There's NO way to ask any effective questions about authenticity now. Gives you a nice confident feeling about buying designer items on Ebay, doesn't it? :graucho:

    And the replies to his comments just keep on comin'...

    Thank heaven for tPF - and Bonanzle.
  6. #6 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    Don't tell me.. the Jeri aka fly**coach aka po**girl, et al saga? I have read some of that trash!

    And I have never been naive enough to feel confident about buying designer items on ebay.
  7. You hit that ball right out of the ballpark, girl! :biggrin:
  8. Yikes! I had always read that the boards were scary and many people had specific posting IDs but really? Going on a banning tirade for authenticity questions is not the way to gain trust or make people want to use your site. :nogood:
  9. Well, that is truly a travesty, Hyacinth.. that such GARBAGE... and I can't even put a french accent on that sham to help w/ the stink... that such GARBAGE could actually result in this nuclear disaster.

    Hopefully, she shall eventually over-expose herself and some bay power-to-be will see the light.:idea:

    In the meantime, bring the "disputive element" over here. Where queries as to authenticity and reporters of fakes are still welcome.:smile:

    What a shame.:nogood:
  10. Unfortunately according to the "Rules" even mentioning tPF in an Ebay forum or providing a link can get you banned. From Section 3, paragraph 2:
    "...Never post an item number, link, seller User ID or item title or any other information that could direct a reader to the item listing page on eBay or to another online marketplace or website."

    But I'm sure that there will be some whispers into ears willing to listen.
  11. Oh I know.. Pffttt. They ran off their own audience. And I would BET that there are many who are "aware" of PF w/out being informed. But the bay board was home. Well, foreclosure is imminent and when they get truly "sick and tired", they will move on.

    I just wish it were LESS OFTEN that tis the bad guy who is coveted.:nuts: No good deed goes unpunished.. eh??
  12. I guess they don't care about Trust. Anyway, all their ads and commercials always say what a safe and fun place it is to buy and sell, right? So it must be true. :graucho:

    And more people WILL be using their site - unfortunately, they're almost all going to be crooks selling fakes. But why should Ebay care where the money comes from? And as they've always insisted, they're just a "venue" and have no responsibility to prevent gullible members from buying fakes. It's up to the buyers to do their homework - Caveat Emptor.

    So welcome to Ebay, the worldwide Caveat Emptorium (with apologies to Margaret Mitchell and Gone With The Wind)
  13. ^^ :lol:

    Seems like they need a few more lawsuits for the counterfeit trade they facilitate to actually do something. :smash:
  14. Thank you Hyacinth for making this post. It saddens me that it has come to this point.

    No good deed goes unpunished.
  15. I'm done.

    Lol, wouldn't it be fun to create a final thread: "Ask Griff about your bag's Authenticity."
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