Ebay's new Shopping Cart Feature - help me opt out!

  1. Hello everyone!

    Just a few days ago my eBay (US) started showing a new "Shopping Cart" feature. Does anyone else have this (from the UK perhaps)? I don't like it for several reasons, and can't figure out how to "opt out" if it is actually a Beta feature.

    My main problem with the shopping cart is that it looks like you can no longer "commit" to a Buy-it-Now. You have to add a BIN to your cart and it's available for anyone to buy until you pay for it. This might sound great to sellers (like myself), but sellers already have an option to include "immediate payment" with BINs. As a buyer, there are many times that I've see a seller list a bunch of items at the same time with BINs and it can become a race game. It was nice to be able to "commit" to one and continue shopping with the seller and pay for everything together when you're done shopping. Now, if you really want something, you have to either hurry and add it to your cart and go through the whole payment process, or continue to fill up your basket and risk someone buying it while you shop. This also doesn't make sense to me because many many sellers offer combined shipping only if items are grouped together in one payment, so I don't understand how this will work.

    My other problem may just be a bug in their new system. I am trying to pay for an BIN that I committed to last week (I was still shopping with the seller until today). When I click on the "Pay Now" button, it takes me to my "Shopping Cart" page which is empty, and I can't add this past purchase. I did delete my purchase from the "Won/Purchased" list on My eBay page last week (because I don't like seeing my Buying Total because I shop too much), so maybe that's why it's not showing up in my cart (?) I should mention that I'm a long time eBay-er, and have never had a problem trying to pay before!

    Am I missing something? What are the benefits to this new system, and is it possible to opt out? Thanks in advance to anyone who has experience with this!!
  2. You can't opt out. It's how Ebay is doing things now. They've also changed BIN so that it stays available until it's paid for. I'm assuming this is to reduce the number of jerks who claim they "accidentally" hit BIN and refuse to pay. It sounds like it may be a good thing for sellers.
  3. Huhh? i dont see a shopping cart feature..
  4. Thanks for the clarification BerryWriter!

    As a seller, I know there's nothing more frustrating than non-paying bidders or BINers, so that's why I always sell stuff with Buy-it-Now w/immediate payment. As a buyer, this shopping cart thing seems like a hassle if I want to purchase multiple BINs from the same seller, for example a lot of sellers give you up to a week (or whatever) to purchase items for combined shipping.

    Oh well, I guess I'll have to get used to it. I remember when ebay changed their layout last year, and you were allowed to opt out of it for a little while (although they made it really difficult to find the link), but eventually they made everyone transition to it. I still prefer the older layout, and it annoys me when they keep changing things and forcing you to use it. I have such a love-hate relationship with ebay!!!

    elynnin, I think they're testing it with random people (lucky me), but it looks like it will be implemented for everyone at some point soon.

    Thanks for the help!!

  5. they actually did it so a buyer can purchase from multiple sellers at once and only have to checkout/pay one time as opposed to paying a seller then buying from another, having to pay again etc....
  6. I was referring to the changes with BIN.
  7. I'm back to vent about how much I hate the new ebay Shopping cart (sorry). Am I the only one who has it (and hates it)?

    It's so frustrating to me that you can no longer 'commit' to buying multiple Buy-it-Now items from the same seller without paying for them immediately. Many sellers offer a combined shipping discount *only* if you wait until they send a new invoice.

    I've already lost money because of this. (#1) Yesterday a seller listed a bunch of beauty items via BIN that I wanted for a really good price. I added them all to my Shopping Cart and of course it makes you pay the full shipping for each one (unless sellers have combined shipping set up automatically, which most don't). I emailed the seller to ask if they would refund any extra shipping since they clearly state that shipping for additional items is only $1 more. This was late at night, so I decided to take the risk and pay for it all since I really wanted the items. Then the next day I got 13 different tracking #s from the seller, they are a big store and didn't get my email until after they were all individually shipped out. What a waste! I've purchased from the seller before the new Cart system and had no problem with multiple BINs and waiting for an invoice.

    (#2) this same situation happened when I purchased a bunch of clothing items from a different seller via BIN (again, really good prices). Shipping was $8 per item, but in this case the seller agreed to reimburse the difference. I ended up paying $96 in shipping total, am waiting to see if/how much I will get back, and won't have access to that money until it makes its way to my bank a week later. I'm sure the seller isn't thrilled to have to refund also.

    OK I'm done. Sorry, I'm just really frustrated, so thanks for listening LoL

    If you click on "Send us your comments" at the top of the Shopping Cart page, it takes you to a survey. I filled it out only to see the following disclaimer in tiny letters and immediately cancelled it, because, what the heck does this mean??!!?:

    "By using this feature and submitting feedback, suggestions or enhancements, you assign to eBay all right, title and interest to all associated proprietary rights worldwide, including without limitation, all patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, moral right, rights of publicity, or other intellectual property rights."

    My Love-Hate relationship with ebay continues ...
  8. Hi everyone. This is my first post...
    HERE'S A REAL HORROR STORY about new Ebays "Shopping Cart"!
    I am buying some printer supplies for our company yesterday, from about 15 different sellers. Total is about $1200 bucks. I decided to "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" all of the items I needed to pay for them with our paypal account; well, after going thru the shopping cart, the page directed me to paypal to verify and confirm everything, and after clicking "CONFIRM PAYMENT" to all of the sellers and the amount, one of the items was no longer available due to fact that until you complete the whole (long) transaction, the listing on ebay still available to anyone, so if someone clicks BIN even if Im in "shopping cart" while im completing my purchase...the error will show.
    Well, when I finished the transaction from PayPal and there was a confirmation that the payment went thru BUT... an ERROR mssg appeared, saying: "You need to go back and complete some items that were not paid for" in red letters.
    So, I decided to click shopping cart and see what items where 'pending for payment', to my surprise, THE WHOLE SHOPPING CART LIST APPEARED ONCE AGAIN! So again, I decided to go thru to shopping cart and pay everything.
    After doing this 2nd time, I get a "CONFIRMATION COMPLETE".
    So I just decide to check my paypal account to see what was that hiccup…
    How could this happen?
    Why did Ebay didn’t identify that there was an initial paypal payment on the items and stopped me from sending 2 payments??
    A couple of sellers had more than 1 item for sale, so they assumed I wanted to and started shipping me two of the items instead of one!
    Called ebay, they didnt know what happened, patched me thru paypal; paypal didnt know what to do and they started a claim....?
    I jumped the gun and tried to email everyone that I paid, to see if they could refund me the repeated payment (out of their own good will)
    Meanwhile, I have instead of 1200 in charges to my debit card, I have and overdraft over a 1000! (we smarted up last year and we dont keep $ in that account, only for ebay purchases)
    So now what?
    Why the hell is no one helping me!?
  9. I want the ability to opt out also. Totally a dumb eBay idea which was not properly tested. This is not the time of year to be messing with buyers and sellers.
  10. Yes, that is the theory. But remember buyers also can't get combined shipping discounts with the cart.

    So this screws both buyers AND sellers.

    By not combining, Pay Pal and Ebay get more fees.

  11. You need to post on the Pay Pal board about this on Ebay -- and maybe you will get some help. You should also post this on seller central and the tech boards there.

    You're not alone. And Pay Pal and Ebay reps are NOT up to speed on the new feature, don't know how to go into the system and correct mistakes much less even confirm what was in the cart and paid for. It's bloody mess.

    The end result is that you may have to immediately file claims on every duplicate payment and then send back anything you receive that was a duplicate item.
  12. eBay wants so desperately to be Amazon. It's honestly pathetic.
  13. EXACTLY what I was thinking. Everything they have done is to be more like Amazon (like not letting sellers leave negative feedback).
  14. Is this a US only thing? Thankfully I haven't seen it on Aus eBay yet. Sounds like a nightmare.
  15. I would contact each seller, explain the situation and ask for a refund of one of the items. I'm sure many will understand.