ebay's $#%@%$@ new policy grrrrr

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  1. just recieved an email from ebay

    "Dear xxxxxxx
    Because you are a valued seller we'd like to let you know about some changes to eBay.com.au that are going to make our marketplace an even safer place for you to buy and sell.
    These changes will be introduced in two stages:
    From 21 May you must offer PayPal on all your listings as well as currently permitted payment methods.
    From 17 June you will only be able to offer PayPal on your listings and pay on pick up (i.e.paid for when picking up the item).
    Pay on pick up can only be offered in conjunction with PayPal. No other payment methods will be permitted.
    A small number of exclusions will apply to these changes."

    grrrrrr...... WTH....paypal only? I hate paypal, they charge fees, it takes 5-7 days to withdraw the money into my bank account.:yucky:
    I do offer paypal but I tell people that I prefer bank deposit and most of them just do direct deposit for me, which is hassle free.
    i understand they wanna make ebay a safer place but does this really help? or they just trying to help paypal to get more money.:tdown:
  2. Nice monopoly to use their system. :yucky:
  3. I hate PP too, but it is the fastest and easiest way to pay...and yes, ebay and paypal are just there to squeeze out every penny they can from everyone!! They do not care that hundreds of people are getting scammed, as long as they are making $$$!! BOO!!:tdown:
  4. here's another crazy theory of mine- since paypal charges fees, sellers have to put up their sale price to make up the difference/avoid losing money, and ebay gets more insertion fees and FVF. so it's hooray for both paypal and ebay. boooooooo

    btw, did anyone else from other countries recieved this message as well or is it just australian ebay?
  5. i havent recieved anything like that...yet! U.S.
  6. I received that email too... NOT HAPPY!! :cursing: To make ebay a safer place my a$%... they only want to make sure they get the most out of every transaction.
  7. Ummm isnt that illegal? A monopoly? They are forcing you to use their service? Which would be unfair to competitive payment sources? That is illegal in the US which is probably why they arent pulling that here......
  8. I just got paypal, before that I usually paid by money order. I guess in a way I am glad I got it now.
  9. Yeah I agree.
    They'll lose a LOT of business that way...some people DO still like to use checks or money orders for things.
  10. It will be interesting to see what (if anything) our consumer protection agencies have to say...like you I would have thought that this policy is anti-competition and that is a big NO NO.
  11. I just got the same bloody email! Unbelievable!!! They are now forcing people to use paypal just so they can get the fees...I sell iPhones on ebay Australia and the ONLY way I can make it competitive with all the sellers selling directly from the US is to request cash on pickup or bank deposit!!! I HATE PAYPAL!!!
  12. so we are the guinea pigs!!:cursing:

    "There are always some people who take a while to accept change," he said.
    I'll never accept this lame change. I don't mind the part that you have to have paypal on your listing, but come on, not paypal only. you got to leave people with choices!
    I feel like pounching greedy Mr. MacGibbon in the head.
  13. I think Mr MacGibbon got his statement around the wrong way - "If it's good for buyers, it's good for sellers and therefore good for eBay."

    I think it should have read - "If it is good for eBay, then its good enough for the sellers and buyers." :lol:
  14. grrr. I'm going to stop selling on ebay after getting rid of some things first. I make zero profit on ebay. I lose lots from both ebay+paypal outrageous fees. Nice way to create a monopoly. The only thing that will hit them is if people boycott selling on ebay. I kind of wish ebay would be taught a lesson and crumble as a company blehh!