Ebay's New Format

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  1. What do you think of Ebay's new format?

    I don't think I like that buyers can see how many watchers there are. It might push someone to click the buy it now button if there are a lot of watchers, but if there aren't, it might discourage someone from buying.
  2. Where do you see watchers?

  3. Right next to the "add to watch list" button. Like on this listing, there are 6 watchers. http://www.ebay.com/itm/COACH-14614-Sydney-Teal-Leather-Shoulder-Handbag-/280966803803?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&hash=item416aed315b

    I just found out something else I hate. No where on the listing does it show the ending time of the auction. On the above auction, it tells me there are 15 hours left, but I want to know what time tomorrow I should be at my computer, ready to bid. I don't want to have to compute it every time.
  4. I don't see any watchers and that listing ends at 15:05:07
  5. Maybe they are testing a new format and not everyone is seeing it? Are you using a PC? I see the regular format on Chrome when I'm not logged on.
  6. This is what I am seeing:

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  7. :shocked:

    I am on my desk top..............:thinking:
  8. I think it must be a test.
  9. I'm not seeing it either, but it's an interesting idea. Lets you know if there are going to be multiple snipers near the end.
  10. :shocked:

    I'm not seeing it on my end either.

    Thanks for posting this for us.

  11. I hate the new format....All I want from eBay is to guarantee the items are authentic and the sellers are honest!!
  12. Yeah...I don't like this at all.
  13. and the buyers!!!:shucks:
  14. :tup:
  15. I can't see ending time or watchers either.