Ebay's Limiting Policies

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  1. I am not sure if anyone recently posted on this, but I am trying to clean out my closet and pass on several designer items (clothing; shoes, and such), and after listing 8 items I received a message that I could not post any more items for 7 DAYS. It mentioned something about counterfeit items, but dang it, all the things I am posting I purchased at either the boutique or at department store! Do you have to have a store, or be a power seller to list more than a few items every week? If so, I have to find another way to divest my closet of extraneous items I don't wear/like any more...any suggestions? This is a big PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing::cursing:
  2. Hi archygirl - It doesn't matter whether you are a power seller or have a store eBay limits most people when it comes to listing designer goods - unfair for genuine sellers but they are trying to limit damage albeit not very well from having fakes goods on the site!!!
  3. Some people have reported being able to have the restriction lifted - contact eBay customer service - via live is best. Be prepared to offer copies of receipts or other evidence showing proof of your items being authentic.

    I have not tried this - BUT read somewhere in this forum that scheduling listings ahead of time allowed some folks to get around the restrictions....
  4. thanks for the advice, mmmpurses!. How long does it usually take for items to be searchable once listed? I put these items online this afternoon and they don't yet appear when I try to search them...I am confused. When I listed two Chanel bags before Christmas they were online right away.
  5. Some of my items have taken a up to 8 hrs before they showed up. At a minimum 3 hrs. Also every time we edit a listing (designer at least) this will send the listing to the back of the queue.
  6. ahhh. now it makes sense. I guess I will wait until tomorrow to check, so I do not make myself crazy. Thanks mmmpurses!