ebay's higher FVF/Lower insertion fees...discuss

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  1. So eBay plans to lower insertion fees... but raise final value fees for auctions and fixed-price listings by 3.5% to 8.75%. I think that's just f'd up.

    Of course, the higher FVFs aren't mentioned in the first page of their announcement, for that little tidbit you have to scroll down through the charts.
  2. Isn't that nice of them, since the final value fees are where they make their money.
  3. *cringe!*
  4. Where are the charts - I would like to see these changes. :confused1:

  5. OMG! That is NOT a little increase! :cursing:
  6. This is just plain out greediness.
  7. Wow..
  8. that ridiculous! i dont sell on eBay but that really sucks.
  9. 8.75%??????????????????????????????????

    I certainly missed that. So if I sold a Lily for $1100 I would owe them $96.25 now vs $38.50 previously???????

    Okay, that would certainly do it for me on eBay. Prices are going to be even higher to cover these outrageous fees.

    Why is there not an alternative out there?????????
  10. I do not like the changes at all! So they lowered the listing fees by like $0.10 and then jacked up the FVF, and think that's fair? In addition to the ridiculously high FVF, what's up with buyers only being allowed to receive POSITIVE feedback? Now buyers can leave all the negatives they want (deserved or underserved) without fear of retaliation! That's absolutely ridiculous. Way to go, ebay. Just when you think they can't get any worse, they do!
  11. Yes, the feedback issue is being discussed in another thread. This is just ridiculous.
  12. ^ Sorry, didn't see that thread!
  13. yes i am just opening up my email & reading this bull crap.

    i surely dont like the part where:"Buyers will only be able to receive positive Feedback. "-----why did they do this for? can someone explain?