Ebay's Global Law Enforcement Operations Police Blotter

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  1. Here is a link to a pop-up that appeared on my eBay home page today. eBay Security Center: Law Enforcement Case Study

    Let's hope that this is a dawning of a new age with eBay. Many of us have been victims of fraud on eBay. Instead of ignoring the problem, the lawsuits filed by LMVH, et al, are forcing Ebay to acknowledge the problem, and to become actively engaged in eliminating the problem.

    So, let's see if this works - another resource for us to use in reporting fakes, and helping those people who have been victims of fraud.
  2. Very interesting. Now I'll have to look at my Ebay home page more often.
  3. That sounds good but one ebay victim ----> me. My a/c suspended becuase I am selling authentic bags on ebay. Rediculous! Anyway, hope that this new ebay policy will benefit to buyers. I suffered but if it would help to improve ebay, it should be alright.
  4. thanks for the link!
  5. good to know -- thanks for posting