eBay's 30 day selling limit for selling a type of item? SUCKS!

  1. I've tried to sell a particular item for a while and to relist it immediately after the 7 day period. I get the message that I cannot relist...that ebay is enforcing a limit on the number of time I can list in a 30 day period for this type of item.

    "You've reached the 30-day selling limit for the type of item you're trying to list."

    So, I feel I have once a month to try to sell this item. Makes no sense to me AT ALL. I have 100% positive feedback. I've only got a little over 30 feedbacks/sales but all super positive. I told the rep, if I don't sell, ebay doesn't get commission...makes no sense.
  2. Have you thought to list it with a buy it now, good till gone listing?

    I had limits when I first started selling too.

    Also, anytime that you edit a listing it counts as a new listing. I learned that the hard way.
  3. I had no idea! Thank you for telling me... I edit constantly!!
  4. I had that happen and I just called ebay and they lifted my limit. I guess this is for every seller, but you can have it waived/lifted. I just happened to buy a few bags and decided I liked other ones better and sold!
  5. The rep can allow you to relist once....not so you can relist over and over until it sells. I was told they will review my feedbacks but the reason was that I didn't have enough history during the last 9 or 12 months. So frustrating! Told her that if I can't sell the bag continuously, I can lose out on the potential buyer.

    They will review my feedbacks on the 20th of this month and a decision could be made to set a higher selling limit for me. Still...positive feedbacks and a high priced item that I want to sell....hmmm...sure would make sense to just let me sell it. Right?
  6. That is a good idea. I may do that the next time I am able to relist.

    Editing doesn't have anything to do with it. Once the listing ends, say in 7 days, I'm sure many just choose to relist. The restriction prohibits you from doing that until like almost a month passes...so you are basically only able to try selling that item once a month.
  7. Do a Buy It Now listing with or without Best Offer and select the 30 day option. Then you can relist immediately if you need to.