eBaying my other bags...

  1. greetings darlings,
    i've decided it's LV or nothing!! so i am going to sell my other designer bags: 1 burberry tote, 2 kate spades and 1 fendi (all authentic, of course). they're all in great condition. question is, what's the best way to sell them, craigslist, eBay, or here at the forum? i've no problem taking/posting a bunch of photos with the listing...

  2. You could sell them in the marketplaza here on PF also.
  3. I don't think we are allowed to sell on here..
  4. You cannot advertise or sell your bags on the forum.
  5. i saw this link in the Market Plaza section
    http://forum.purseblog.com/want-to-sell/. is it possible to sign up? would it be better to sell there or eBay? sorry for all the questions, i haven't sold in a while...

    oh, i can't. i'm too new to sign up...ok, on to eBay then...
  6. ebay is good. I found myself selling my other bags to get more LV, but now I've been letting go my LV's for Chanel :push: lol.
  7. To qualify for the marketplace....you have to be an active member with at least 500 posts and your account must be active for 5 mos - just changed in Jan '07.
  8. you might wanna post this in another forum..this post will be moved..i think..
  9. You can sell here only through Marketplace. Thats by application and approval, but we're not supposed to sell directlly.
    If you ebay your bags, be prepared for lots of scrutiny, lots of questions. Have tons and tons of photos available. Fill out an application for marketplace and see what happens.

    More people will see it on ebay, however. If you have receipts, ebay may ask you to fax them. If all goes well, ebay sales are easier to do, because that's how it's set up, for commerce. People would be more confident about bidding if they knew that they Paypal protection. It's tough to sell on ebay, but much tougher in other venues. If you have a solid record, it is a little easier, but it is draining. If someone sells for you. it's 30 percent plus all those fees.

    Best of luck, whatever you decide, because LV is well worth it.
  10. for the moment, since you, as am i, are still 'new', ebay is the way forward.
    good luck!
  11. DO NOT use craiglist's!!!!! My sister got ripped off big time when she sold items on that site!!
  12. ok point taken. eBay here i come!