Ebaying my gift, How upset should I be?

  1. This is a slight touchy issue and I am sure it happens more often but we just don't know. But recently this past christmas my husbands family had a secret santa party and I got a female so I gave her (what else) a kooba purse! Nothing big, but a nice small thing, really pretty. So now I am browsing through eBay and what do I find. That purse i gave her up on eBay and selling for way less than i paid for it! I even see my gift wrapping as her background.

    I know this is a gift and i guess she can do whatever she will with it but still, it's beautiful and you are going to get way less than it retailed for.

    Regifters really piss me off but selling them on eBay is just mean.
  2. Hi, sorry you feel like this. Who was the gift to? is it someone you know well. If you know her well she could have just asked for a gift receipt and said she would change it as it isnt her style. I am sure this person would be mortified to know you had seen the listing on ebay. You could always buy it back and give it to a friend who appreciates it. Try not to take it personally, maybe she already had one
  3. I agree, I think it is in poor taste to re-sell an item given to you from a Secret Santa, RAOK, or any other gift exchange of the same type.
  4. It is in poor taste, and I don't see it as any different than being caught "re-gifting". She should have been more careful...
  5. I always get gift receipts. You may have thought it was cute, but maybe she did not like it, it was not her style or had something similar. Maybe she thought she was sparing your feelings by selling it on ebay instead of asking for a receipt.
  6. I agree with moi et mes sacs, don't take it personally. Everyone has different taste. She probably just didn't want to hurt your feelings and tell you she didn't like it. Or maybe she overspent during the holidays and she needs the cash. Either way, I'm sure your gesture was appreciated even though she's selling it.
  7. Maybe I'm different but I don't feel it is that big of a deal.. Unless you are really close with this person and then I think it would have been better to just let you know that's what you wanted but if you are in fact not that close.. what is she supposed to fo? She probably doesn't want to hurt your feelings, or she really needs/ wants the money for something else.. etc.

    Would you feel any better if she had stuck it in her storage closet and never used it? I think once a gift is given it's that person's to do with whatever they feel, except if it's a person VERY close to you (Mom, Hubby, Sister, Best Friend etc..) then I think there needs to be some explaining, you know?
    Just my opinion ;)
  8. Thanks ladies, I knew the responses would be mixed. Getting upset at it will be no good and not even worth it but to me, whenever i give gifts, i usually rack my brains out trying to find the best possible gift for a person. It's not just, oh okay let me just get whatever, I truly want the person to like the gift. And that is why it bothers me so much more when they don't and in this case sell it. I am just venting and hopefully hearing you ladies responding will make me feel better. Thanks you guys.
  9. You know what.. I'm the same way when I give gifts. I put so much thought into it and when I responded to your question above I wasn't looking at it from a gift givers perspective. I think I WOULD be a bit bummed if this happened to me. I am officially revising my first response! hehe.
  10. I hope you do feel better. Keep the Kooba for yourself next time, you appreciate it. Get them a soap/ lotion gift set...heehhee
  11. Try not to take it personally. She probably assumed that you woul NEVER in a million years see that she was selling it. I get tons of gifts during the holiday season from clients and so forth and would absolutely sell them if I could.
    I recently had a situation where one of my clients gave a Juicy bag to another one of my clients who is a teenager. The giver was asking me if the recipient liked the bag because she never saw her carrying it. Well, the recipient due to being young and inexperienced had exchanged it for a color (From a purple one to a black one.) she would wear more often and now LOVES it, but was afraid to tell the giver!!! So, I had to explain to the giver what happened. Touchy, yes!
  12. I think I would be bummed if this happened to me but I would understand. There are a lot of reasons to resell or regift. Maybe she has something EXACTLY like it and has her eye on another bag and need to sell this to pay for it. Then it is like you bought her the new bag or helped buy it for her. I have regifted (on eBay) a couple of bags that I liked but really had my heart set on something else. Try not to take it too personally.
  13. Bid on it -- if you win, you can take it back .
  14. Sometimes there are circumstances that people need to sell gifts. I've recently sold a ton of stuff on ebay....and some of it was gifts. I feel bad about it...but in my current financial situation that is what I need to do! So I don't necessarily think it is in poor taste.
    Shoot...I'd rather someone sell my gift than throw it in the back of their closet and never ever use it and then they throw it away one day!
  15. :roflmfao:, and ask "look what I found on Ebay! We are now twins' :devil: lol, just jk :flowers:
    She is still getting use out of it, just in another way suit her needs more. Cheer up! Do you absolute love ALL the gifts you receive from childhood til now? I'll be honest, I don't.