eBayers who THINK they are experts?

  1. Have you dealt with eBayers who think they are experts in authenticating?

    I have a real doozy (sp?) of an eBayer emailing and threatening to discredit me. Here is an excerpt from his email:

    "Therefore, you either have no idea what it should look like, are lying [which I hate] or have been duped by someone else, whichever, I will report this bag to eBay security, list you with knockoff forums, the purse forum and report you to My Poupette no sales thus preventing any opportunity you may have wanted re accreditation if no explanation is provided. I will also warn the winner buyer to contact a Louis Vuitton store and authenticate the bag..."

    I have no doubt the bag is authentic, but have had to resort to paying MyPoupette and CarolDiva for their authentication services just to protect myself.

    What does he mean he will list me with "knockoff forums"? I didn't know that any such thing existed?

  2. LMAO Mon! He'll report you here?!? I got your back Sistah! Hope he tries!:lol:
  3. This hasn't happened to me, but sadly there are lots of great gals on this forum who seem to be at the mercy of buyers, potential and actual, who decide for some bizarre reason a bag is counterfeit then act like wasps in jam jars, but with less logic.

    So sorry you're on the receiving end of this, but as Swanky says, he/she will be in a for a big shock if you are 'reported' here . . .! Chin up (as we don't say in England but pretend we do when trying to cheer someone up)
  4. Thanks Amanda!:tender:

    This is the first time I've had someone harrass me like that. It doesn't feel good.:sad:
  5. I know Monica and you SOOO don't derserve it.
    Is he/they running any auctions right now I can jack with?:graucho:
  6. I had something similar with a Chloe paddington I sold, which I personnally bought from net-a-porter.

    Your right it doesn't feel good, in fact its horrible. So if there is anything we can do to help or support you then just let us know. :flowers:
  7. Wow what an nut case. Maybe they are off their meds? LOL I don't know how you deal with that. Does the writer of the email sell LV also? Maybe they are selling the same things as you and don't want the competition? Sorry this has happened to you.
  8. I don't think they sell, I don't see any auctions listed in the last 30 days.

    He is looking to buy another Manhattan PM (he bought one for his wife at Louis Vuitton), this one for his daughter. So because he has ONE he thinks he knows about authenticity.

    I did receive a response from Carol Ives:

    Hi Monica,

    You made my job easy on this one, for you take such great photos. This is an authentic Manhattan PM. I have seen 2 different backings on Koala clasp hardware, which is what I call the hardware systems on Manhattans. I have seen all one piece backings, and also 2 piece backings where the screws are in a horizontal plate that is thicker than the rest of the backing.

    Again, this auction shows a beautiful example of an authentic Manhattan PM that has aged well.

    Monica, please feel free to forward this on to the ebayer if you wish. He/she can also email me too.

    Best regards,

  9. Yikes Monica - ironically, you're one of the authentication 'experts' here for us!
    I wonder if he's having second thoughts and using this as an excuse, or maybe (giving him the benefit of the doubt), is b/c Carol says there's 2 different types of backings and the one he has may be the other style?

    Good luck!
  10. Yes, I asked Carol to specifically look at the backing because that was his concern. I already told him there were two types of backings, but he doesn't believe me. Normally I would let this stuff go, but his threats of discrediting me really bothered me.
  11. sent you a pm
  12. OMG Mon, I'm so sorry that this awful guy has put you in this awful position :cursing:

    We all know that you are a very trustworthy seller and if there is anything we can do for you to support you with this, please let us know.

    Big hugs :flowers:
  13. that's funny they said they'd report you here. I wonder if they are a member already? :sneaky:
  14. I wondered the same thing. I did mention The Purse Forum in my first response to his accusation. I told him to feel free to contact MyPoupette, CarolDiva, and to post my auction on The Purse Forum - so maybe that's why he mentioned it?
  15. That is annoying but almost funny how he says he is going to report you to almost everyone..if reminds me of the high school teacher who would always say:
    "This will go on your permanent record"!!

    What a pain for you. Yuck