Ebayer's using drilldown photo

  1. I am so tired of having to email ebayers to ask them to take a real picture of the item. It seems like so many just use the drilldown pic from Coach, which anyone can get! I wish it was an eBay rule to HAVE to post real pics of the item!

  2. Yeah, this is really frustrating. I never understand why sellers don't use pictures of the actual bag. Some are sellers of fake bags and use stock photos to make it seem like the bag is real, but then send you a fake. I'm always wary of sellers that use stock photos or only one photo of a bag. But I've also seen legitimate sellers using stock photos. If you're paying that much money for a bag, wouldn't you want to see actual pictures of the bag? And it's actually against eBay policy to use stock photos or photos that belong to Coach.
  3. I made a mistake of purchasing a pair of Coach sunglasses from a seller using the drilldown pic. She had great feedback and wasn't selling tons of sunglasses. The glasses I received are real, but they were scratched and missing some of the crystals on the earpieces...despite being listed as "excellent" condition. I am returning them...
  4. Sorry Coach Bag!!

    Yeah, Ive emailed these types of people to see if they would send me real pics. One refused. One sent them but some did a buy it now before I got my email read with the pics! Waiting to hear back from another one.

    I just get irritated when I have to wait for real pics!
  5. Its silly because putting a picture in your listing costs like 15 cents or something. Its foolish not to put one in because I feel like the listings with pictures always sell for more. I never look twice at a listing with just a stock photo, it always seems so fishy!
  6. I know I hate that too. Who knows if you are really gonna get the real deal you know.
  7. I know I just hate to think that I am passing on a real deal, but I am not going to risk.
  8. ITA!!! I think that's why I stay away from those that use only stock photos - it comes across as if they have things to hide!
  9. Yeah I saw two things I really liked, but they are stock photos and the person wont email me back real photos!! I just dont want to chance it!