Ebayers to avoid

  1. Yeah, I've seen her stuff around. I don't know why people still buy from her..even though she has bad feedback about her tokidoki stuff.
  2. I just made a blog post about her being a seller of fakes (AGAIN). I hope people finally get the message!
  3. I knooow...I hate her. So horrible.
  4. Report that bag now to eBay! I just did.
  5. I reported it the day it was listed. A lot of good that did....
  6. She's the one I won a bag from then when you guys told me it was fake, she said she didn't know and said she wanted to learn about fake bags and that she was going to start coming to this board to learn!!! HA! LIAR!
  7. Now she's just going to get smarter in how to make fakes lmfao. idk, I have a hard time trusting people.
  8. Dont tell her about this board, she'll go and learn how to make good fakes! Shes soo awful, scamming people! eBay doesnt do anything, even after many attempts to report her! People are wasting their money on fake stuff, its soo sad!
  9. I sometimes message the people who are bidding and tell them that the bag is a fake...but I get no response...:shrugs:
  10. Aww Jessaka, you shouldnt do that because those weirdo buyers might become offended and report you to eBay. Then ull get in trouble-or they dont believe u because they think ur trying to win the auction and bid even higher.
  11. swtest2lips -- ahh you have a good point. i guess i shouldn't do that huh? i was just trying to be a good samaritan but i guess it can come back and bite me in the ass. thanks :biggrin:
  12. I wasn;t completely against people buying fakes at first in that they are expensive and most people just like it for its print and don't think it's worth its costs. However that all changed when people are being tricked into paying more than a real one for a fake!!!

    Her fakes are pretty good- you can't really tell without seeing the qee unless it was an original. I almost fell for one.
  13. I'm kinda hesitant to buy any tokidoki bags from eBay -- I'm afraid of getting a fake.