Ebayers beware!!...i just received fraud email scary!!!

  1. WHOA! That was scary experience!!!
    i just randomly got an email from eBay saying my account was suspended.FKPA NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension -Section 9-
    I usually receive alot of emails from fraud sellers saying second offer item etc etc..but
    those emails are very obvious as the email has no eBay layout with logos and it screams fraud email when you open it..
    But, the email i just received looked real. the address was : eBay Billing Department (billing@support.ebay.com), had the ebay layout and all . So i clicked the link and it took me to the credit card activation section. Me without relasing it was a fraud, i entered the credit card details and after i clicked next nothing happened. From that moment i was bit sceptical about the whole situation so i clicked my ebay > my detail and the credit card info i just put was not there!!! I was literally shaking when i saw that... So i quickly googled the (billing@support.ebay.com) and the first link i click says that the email is fraud and no one should enter their card details. At this momoent i was going crazy..:cursing::cursing: So i quickly called the credit card company and they thankfully cancelled my card and said they will reissue a new one. It was such a horrible and stressful experience.
    If anyone gets this email , just ignore it. I emailed ebay and they said if their message is genuine, it should also appear on my message inbox.
    Hopefully none of you wll go through what i just did.....
  2. any emails like that do NOT click on the link.....forward it to spoof@ebay.com and then delete it.....

    Ebay will send you an email in your inbox letting you know that it didn't come from them....I have had 5 of these in the last 2-3 months.....
  3. I click and fill out bogus info, just to make the fraudies think they got a sucker, only to be disappointed!:yahoo:
  4. ^ you still shouldn't click on any links, because sometimes they automatically install spyware or keystroke logging software (where scammers can monitor your keystrokes, like PINs, banking IDs etc)! :sweatdrop:
  5. I know that I am very new to your lovely forum, and I don't want others to think that I am a complete downer, but I have to let BurberryGal know that even if she puts in random CC #'s, and a random exp date. It may and most likely will belong to someone. I work in finance, and deal alot with these issues and hate to see someone go though the dealings that they have to go through when someone gets ahold of their CC#.
  6. I use a Mac and the chances are very small that any of that will happen. :shame:
    Thanks for the warning, though. :smile:
  7. If I can put in a random cc number, then most likely so can the fraudies and I am sure that they even have some kind of random number generator programme that can actually hit on real cc numbers/dates. But the chances are near nil, that the name I make up will match the owner of said cc that I might get right, so doubtful that I'll accidentally nail someone. :sweatdrop:
  8. Scary, I hate all these fraud emails. I just got one yesterday asking me to join the powerseller program. I thought that it could be real but something seemed off, so I checked and it was not in my messages.
  9. I received one of those emails not too long ago. Upon first glance I thought it was legit but when it asked me to enter pswd info I figured it had to be fake. I reported it to ebay and within a few hours had a response from them confirming that it was a fraud email. Always be wary of anything that asks for credit card/pswd info.
  10. scary it is SuSuKim... been there when I first getting active as a seller last year, someone took over and list a CAR under my seller ID. eBay staff call me right away and ask me to change password and other information check.... so many weirdosssss... we all are better be careful :s
  11. Also, The header will have your FIRST name, not your e-mail adress (Like Dear, PurseQueen - or whatever). We got a "fake" and called eBay's support number. It was not sent by them. They let us know how to spot fake e-mails. We still get them and delete them. We get the fake ones from eBay and PayPal. Well, I don't, my boyfriend does. :girlsigh:
  12. Thanks for the warning!
  13. sorry burberry - no lecture intended! :angel:

    I have absolutely no experience with macs and am a permanently paranoid PC user!
  14. At least you realized right away, Susu Kim! Could have been far worse. Scammers are :tdown:

    Here is a screenshot of a fake eBay email I received. I thought it was pretty weird that they used someone else's eBay ID and were asking me a question about it. :shrugs:
    Funny is the small print at the bottom that says "this eBay notice was sent to..." because that's definitely not me.