Ebayers at it already.

  1. I think it's price gorging!! They don't have to jack up the price that high!! But, I guess if you do not live in the L.A. area and really want the Murakami Neverfull, you'll pay the rip-off eBay price. I do live in the L.A. area and intend to see the Murakami exhibit soon, but I don't plan to buy a Murakami Neverfull but the rond looks cute!
  2. ^Yeah. It kind of bothers me, actually. I know they're limited and all but if the retail for the GM is actually under 1k and some of them are on BIN for like $3500..just over the edge IMO.
    I just hope there's something left over for ME to buy, I'm only going next weekend, it had better not ALL be gone and up on eBay for outrageous prices!
  3. I wish i lived in the US so i could get one, but i wont resort to paying those ridiculously inflated prices on ebay.
  4. People buy them just to try and make money....
  5. I feel its really hard to differentiate an authentic one from a fake on eBay, that is my main fear... :s
  6. one already sold for 1950.00 ....
  7. Wow...I really really want one...but not to the extent that I would pay those prices. Maybe if one pops up for a reasonable price on Aust ebay or let-trade I'll consider it.

    I really hate it when people buy things just to sell it on ebay. I hope you get what you want when you go, Rebecca!
  8. *sigh* I love that CB luggage tag!!!! I wish people weren't so greedy though... I wouldn't think about selling it as soon as I got it.
  9. wow i hope there is stuff left to buy next weekend as well. i want a neverfull MM for myself!
  10. hmm, I seriously love that agenda but I'm not able to get any as I'm living in Asia. ;/ If that price is just a little higher, I might fork out the extra. Just a little.
  11. LOL poor people getting robed
  12. Its sad, but for some, it's the only way to get the limited items....
    I would love the Murakami Neverfull PM (do they even make it in this size?), but I know it's just a dream because I would only pay retail for it, and that's not happening anytime soon !!
    You guys in LA are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky !!!!
  13. I was also hoping to go next weekend. Do you guys think everything will be all gone? i remember reading in that initial article that someone posted that the museum was requiring them to keep stock through the entire run of the exhibit?