1. Hi All

    I searched all forums but couldn't find any info. I see there is a person on eBay that sells a lot of RM. Is this seller reputable ? The id is: l.a.samplesale[​IMG]

    I wanted to know before I purchased anything. THANKS!
  2. the seller also goes by the name Haute Okole she seriously ticked off most of this forum trying to pretend she (or he) was a new RM fan. Really they were just trying to self promote eBay listings. That seller kinda got boycotted for trying to deceive us!
    To be fair, from what I can tell, I am no expert, the bags are legit.

    check out the thread- Unbelivable Deals on RM!!!!!PICS!!!
    I don't know how to link directly to it!
  3. Thanks so much for your response! I appreciate it.
  4. I just bought a bag from Haute Chick, she gets new RM bags & from other designers too. She's not the cheapest on eBay, but she has a flawless reputation. Her bags are usually BIN & go fast.
  5. Thanks Jenny. I have have to check her out!

  6. I would keep checking it out if it was something I wanted also. I've even her some thought.