Ebayer questioning auth. on chanel sunglasses

  1. Ok so I listed some Chanel sunglasses for sale on eBay. I knew it was going to be a risky auction bc I have no paperwork, no case, nothing except the sunglasses. They ARE authentic though. I had 2 bids. 7 days, no payment, I open a dispute against the buyer, he indicates he's going to pay. Now he sends me a msg saying that he went to the Chanel store and they didn't have the sunglasses so he thinks they are not authentic. Well, of course they didn't have the sunglasses, the style is more than a year old. I don't know what in heck to do. I'm sick of dealing with this guy. Do I have any options?
  2. Well, tell him that the sunglasses are an older season's style but they are authentic. Have him take them into the store and ask if such a pair was made (best to have him talk to a manager, not someone who is new). Or do a search of similar sunglasses.
    I'm just wondering why in the world you wouldn't research something before you bid on it. It seems like buyers are getting more and more irresponsible lately.
  3. Since it's been more than 7 days, and you had another bidder, you can do a second chance offer.
  4. I told him to pay for them and take them to the Chanel store. Honestly, I think the buyer has buyer's remorse. This is the first communication I've had from him and it's been 9 days. :smash:

    It says in my auction to do some research, check some guides out. oy.
  5. ^^Yeah it does sound like buyer's remorse. Obviously you shouldn't buy something discontinued then say it's fake because it's no longer sold in the store. :rolleyes: