Ebayer contacting me via e-mail

  1. I just received this in my e-mail this morning (not through my eBay messages):
    [​IMG] [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi, I purchased a Chanel bag from lemodesquad that I noticed you had bid on Miu Miu bag and won around the 13 or 14th of August. If you don't mind me asking, I was wondering if you have received the bag or not.. I still have not received the Chanel bag since the auction ended on 5th of August. The reason I am asking is to find out if you possibly know what is going on. I hope that you will respond back.
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    -Jina : )
    She is wrong about me placing a bid or winning any Miu Miu bag from this seller. I never did either. I did research the bag(s) she is referring to from this seller's completed listings, however the Miu Miu sold but never showed me as a bidder (it had bidder 1, bidder2, etc). And the Chanel she refers to never sold according to the "Completed listings" on eBay? Anyone else ever had this happen to them? Your thoughts?? :confused1:
  2. If you are not listed as a winning bidder, this seems weird - like she's fishing for something. I wouldn't respond to it.... and where would she get your direct email address anyway?? If anything, it would have come through eBay messages, right?

  3. I would ignore her and try to block her.....or if you answer her, do it thru the Ebay forum messages.....I would block her if it were me.....
  4. I'm definitely not going to answer, especially since the "completed listings" doesn't even show her winning the Chanel she refers to. :nogood: I just found the whole thing weird and I'm sure that she got my e-mail from ebay. I hate to be so skeptical.......but nowadays with so many scams going on, I'd rather be safe than sorry ;) Thanks all!!!!:tup:
  5. It sounds like one of those "phishing" emails I get regularly, even through ebay. They want you to respond without blocking your email address, as many people do, and then they've got and then they've got a 'live' email address for whatever scam they want to promote. I wouldn't respond at all and perhaps you should report the message to ebay via the link that comes on the email and message center.


  6. i'm sick of all those crap faux emails. def don't respond it sounds very sketchy
  7. don't get back at all ...just ignore
  8. I think you are right. I'm going to send it to spoof@ebay.com right now. Thanks!! :tup:
  9. Yes, don't respond and maybe also forward to Ebay trust and security.
  10. I've been getting weird emails also lately. I have a Chanel bracelet for sale right now and someone emailed me saying "I'm looking for a specific Chanel bracelet. Can I have your email so I can send you a picture?" Huh? Mind you, I don't have any other bracelets up, just the one, so it seemed kind of strange.
  11. :yes:
    Those are annoying, especially in the wording, they make it sound like they're going to take legal action if you don't pay for x or sell y to them.
  12. I received an profane email last week from a person claiming to have purchased a Dell Computer from me, and if I didn't give his (bleep)ing $$$ back he would come after me and kill me. A few more obscenities thrown in. This is a super-happy email to receive when you are at work mindlessly checking your emails!!! He actually listed a Paypal email address for me to put the $499 back into his Paypal account. Kinda freaky! I haven't sold anything on eBay in months and never sold a computer! I generally just delete these kinds of messages, but this one bothered me because of the threats. I contacted eBay via email in their customer support center and forwarded the message. I don't know what ever happens with those things~ I did receive a customer support email 2 days later confirming they received my email and were looking into it. They also suggested as general safety practice to change my eBay and Payapl passwords, which I did immediately. The key is DO NOT reply to these messages. Forward them to eBay, but do not reply.
  13. By the way, in cases like this where there were actual threats made, eBay works with law enforcement.
  14. Technology is great..except that you can be vulnerable to strangers as never in the past. Kinda creepy how people can get info about you... or what they think they know about you... or what they want you to think that they know about you. I had a buyer who called me 3 times, threaten to drive from Arkansas to Florida to settle his dispute in person. He didn't like the color of the FrankieB jumpsuit that he bought. I wanted to tell him that if he was going to buy womens clothes then maybe he should know alittle bit more about them...not that I care what he wears. He filed a paypal dispute...my first out of 1400+ transactions, and thankfully it was ruled in my favor. Of course he gave me a negative, my second. He already had 2 negatives out of 13 feedback. I didn't leave one for him because I just didn't want to add fuel to the fire. Not worth it. Is ebay worth the stress? For some extra income when needed, sure. And that gotta have bag...yes!
  15. WOW! I didn't know that, CynthiaNYC. Thanks for letting me know. EBay did not mention anything like that in their response; only that they were investigating the email I forwarded to them. It is a little unsettling to receive blatant threats like that.