Ebayer asked to ship to UK

  1. I just started selling on eBay, and all my auctions listed are pretty similar. I state that I don't ship internationally - no reason why, just b/c I don't really know anything about shipping internationally. I've never done any international transaction. Anyway, an Ebayer asked whether I'm sure I don't want to ship to the UK b/c she's very interested in the bag. What are the cons of shipping internationally? I've noticed that other sellers state that on their auctions as well. I don't really know the reason why. Does it cost ME more money? What about customs? Are their issues involved? Any help would be great! TIA!!!
  2. Please, any advice? I want to get back to this Ebayer whether I want to ship to UK. Thanks again!
  3. I've done it before, had no problems just had customs forms to fill out. As far as which is the best way to ship it's been so long I can't recall but I had a great exp. the 1 time I did make the exception.

    Good luck!
  4. ^Thanks for your input! I appreciate it! Do you remember what you used to ship the item? I checked USPS and they have Global Express Guaranteed. Just wondering if there are better ones.
  5. It was USPS but I can't recall how it was shipped and I took my item to a wrap pack and mail place as my item was breakable and I wanted to be sure it would arrive intact. I would do it again if I was asked. I dont' sell very often just here and there.
  6. I've shipped many eBay items from Canada to the UK without any problems. The receiver is responsbile for any customs charges so you do not have to worry about that.
  7. I ship a lot of items that I sell on eBay internationally. I've shipped all of them USPS. I've kind of learned by trial and error what the best way to ship internationally is and one thing that is really important is to include shipping insurance in your shipping cost. You want to do this because just like with regular U.S. mail, if the package is lost you can only make a claim if their is insurance. You can insure items that are shipped priority mail international(with the exception of the flat rate) and express mail international, and the express mail option(although more expensive) has better tracking information. If you start selling internationally, you will probably have a lot of buyers who want you do mark the item as a gift or declare it for less than what it's worth on the customs declaration so that they can avoid customs taxes. I would avoid doing this because if the item is lost, it's only insured for the amount you declared it was worth. The paperwork is pretty easy and you can do it right on PayPal, but have to add the insurance at the post office. Right now insurance can't be added though PayPal for international shipments and the USPS click-n-ship website is messed up and won't allow you to add it for the time being until they get it fixed. Overall I haven't had any problems so far. I think that a lot of sellers avoid shipping internationally because it is more time consuming. I have personally found that you can make a lot more money if you do ship internationally. If you have any other questions you can PM me or email me any time. You can also find a lot of info on the USPS website. Hope this helps!

    Vicki :smile:
  8. I am in the UK and buy a lot from overseas, especially North America. I believe it is my responsibility to make it easy for the seller to feel confident about sending to me. Basically I don't think it is right to expect the seller to absorb my risk. So, for example, I always pay for insurance and I never ask the value to be underdeclared because by doing that I am making the seller take a risk on me as an international buyer. I know lots of other people disagree and some sellers are happy to do it, but for me this is partly about honesty but also about decency - I want both of us to be 'safe' more than I want to escape insurance costs and duties. I have, so far, never had anyone refuse to sell to me although in the case of items in stores that don't ship internationally, I have used the American Checkout service and that too works well for me.

  9. Thanks so much for everyone responses! It helps alot!

    Vicki, I went on the USPS site and they have this thing called Global Express Guaranteed. Have you ever used it? I don't really know how to charge this Ebayer. She said it should cost $45. But how would I find out before charging her without actually bringing the bag to USPS? What about insurance? If you can't add insurance onto Paypal, do I just pay for it myself? Would you know how much it costs? I just want to make sure I don't lose out too much by doing so. Thanks again everyone!! sorry for all the questions again! I just want to make sure I have all the info before proceeding ;)
  10. I haven't ever used the Global Express Guaranteed, only Express mail international and Priority mail international. I just checked out USPS and put in some random dimensions to calculate the cost for Express guaranteed and for a 12x12x4 package it's $69.30 for the online price. I doubt you or your buyer want to pay this much. Global express guaranteed is if you need to get something to it's international destination super fast. Most international buyers are satisfied with Priority mail international or express mail international. From what you have said, I am thinking your potential buyer is talking about express mail international. Express mail international will automatically insure your item to $100. If you need additional insurance, just let the agent at USPS that you need to insure it to it's full value and they will add it. It's usually not that much money. I think for each increment of $100 above what is automatically insured it's like $.75. You would have to pay for the insurance separately at the post office, as they are having some issues with click-n-ship right now. $45 sounds about right depending on what size the package is going to be. I just put in 3lbs for a package going to the UK to see how much it would be and it's giving me $39.00. The only other thing you should know is that if you purchase your postage and get the online rate through PayPal or click-n-ship, when you get to the post office they are going to charge you the difference between the online rate you received and the regular rate when you go to add the insurance. It has something to do with the issues they are having with click-n-ship. I'm not sure how much your item weighs, but I hope this helps. May want to charge $50 to be safe. ??? Oh, and you also want to make sure you fill out an EMS label with your buyer's address in addition to the customs declaration that PayPal or click-n-ship will generate. You'll have to get that at the post office. I know this all seems like a pain in the butt, but after you have shipped a few international packages it's pretty easy. Let me know if you have any other ?. :smile:
  11. I shipped to UK for twice. First time for below $ 200 LV and the 2nd time for over $ 1500 LV and they all arrive safely. My buyers requested to mark as a gift and put no value so they release from custom.
  12. Such skigirl73, I used Global Express Mail but here, we called as EMS. I paid approx $ 65 for Suhali Dr Bag, I think it's heavy enough