1. hello everyone...i have a quick question, is true to sell your louis bag on ebay now you need louis vuitton to approve the rights for you to do that??
  2. I don't think so... I've never heard that before... :shrugs:
  3. I know it takes a while for listings with LV bags, accessories, etc. to show up after you submit them. I am not sure if this has anything to do with what you are talking about though.
  4. no... i dont think it's true because if that was the case, why are there so many fakes on ebay?

    where did you hear that?
  5. my brother listed my mono speedy 25 for me because i want the mono speedy 30 instead and they took down the auction for trademark misuse and i was sooo angry and wrote them, ebay said they need authorization/verification by LV and just because i see other auctions of LV up dosent mean they are not taking down those auctions either...wtf??? im livid because now i cant sell my 25 :sad: this is the picture i posted i bought the receipt with it is that bad?:s
    lv one.JPG
  6. Huh? That makes no sense - are you sure that it was actually Ebay that wrote you? Make sure the message is in your ebay message box - not just your email account.
    If that was true then they would take down other LV listings - like all of my poupette sellers etc.
  7. exactly what i told my brother....yup it was ebay who told them that :sad: and it aggrevates me because i wish i could call them and speak to someone...this is freakin rediculous ive never sold lv on ebay but my brother has great feedback and has been selling his stuff on there for years...i dont get it
  8. This is basically true but it's not entirely enforced on eBay. You cannot use certain company trademarked names. For example, you are not supposed to use the word Swarovski unless Swarovski approves it. It's a crap shoot when eBay chooses to enforce their own rules.
  9. ohhhh Ebay took it down because they think it's fake! I hate that, they take down the real purses but keep the fakes ones up there :cursing:

    have your brother list it again and in bold letters EVERYWHERE state that it's 100% authentic.
  10. thanks guys...i think the first time my auction was reported because i said i would consider a buy it now price and she wanted it for like 300 and is said no i am sorry but thank you for the offer...she was not happy! So all of a sudden that nite my auction cancelled so i wrote that email and i relisted it and again the end of the day it was shut down...i was so mad i almost cried...there are a hundreds of fake auctions and so many people gettin ripped off and the ones that are real get cancelled? ebay said icant relist it until i get it verified but does LV actually do that? i am so upset about this because i wanted the mono 30 and damier azur 25 but maybe i should just send my new mono 30 back get the azur 30 and just keep the mono 25 i have
  11. Get it verified by MyPoupette and then try relisting it. I have read that eBay is working with MyPoupette to work up some way of ensuring that listings are legit, so this may help carry some weight for you to keep your auction listed. Also, contact billing to see about getting reimbursed for your listing fees for the 2 times you've had your auction pulled. Sometimes they can adjust that off your bill.
  12. Yeah.... I was pissed off when eBay took down my white MC iPod case the first time because some DUMBASS reported it and said it was fake. :cursing:
  13. errr some people stink!!!! thanks guys i will try that i actually just listed it under my ebay name just to see if it will get shutdown...the other girl knew my brothers name ...id rather sell it under my brothers name cuz i barely use my name!!! im just upset because it seems very unfair..i will keep u posted either way ill have a speedy 30 its just a matter of which one and if i get the azur it will be a christmas present
  14. ^^ I'll be pissed too! Will ebay just simply took down a listing just because ONE person reported?
  15. no idea....they dont tell you why they just tell you that ur auction has been taken down to trademark misuse...