$%#! Ebay!!!!

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  1. OMG. i am NEVER using ebay again. Seriously, wtf!!!

    I listed an item, included "like new" in the title. I didn't know that wasn't allowed anymore. They've decided i was "phishing". They suspended me for 30 days.

    I wrote them to ask them to lift it because i didnt know, etc and they wrote back that it is now 90 days!!!!! OMG!:cursing:

    I have perfect feedback. I can't even believe them.

    I hate ebay and will never use them again.

    Rant over.
  2. KWS is what it is.

    Someone else complained about restrictions and had the same thing happen.
  3. What?? I never knew you can't list "like new" in the description/headline? That's just stupid. How the hell is that phishing? I mean, you're honestly saying it's LIKE new, not brand new, just good enough to be in new condition, although used. Schmucks.
  4. No, you cannot list it as like new. You can say 'barely used' but not like new. Stupid, I know, but eh. Their rules :wtf:
  5. The reason is because if people are looking for New bags (or whatever) any listing with Like New will come up in a search. Thus the buyer has to weed through all the "like New" stuff to find the new stuff.
  6. eBay simply is too arrogant! I cannot believe they extended the period from 30 to 90 days just because buyers ask questions. We really need a new auction platform!
  7. Someone posted the text of their 90 day 'ban' and it turned out that what Ebay had said was their number of listings per 30 days restriction would stay in place for 90 days. Not that they were banned for 90 days. Have you re-read it to be sure?
  8. I am really getting tired of ebay and their BS. I tried to list an authentic LV Speedy the other day, and it would not let me list saying that I needed to confirm my PP account and link it to my ebay account. This is all fine and dandy, except I have already sold several designer handbags, have a confirmed PP account that is linked to my ebay account, and I have 100% positive FB for over 5 years of selling. I emailed them asking what was up with it, and I still am awaiting a replay (this was over a week and a half ago). I finally just took "Louis Vuitton" out of the title and used "LV" instead, it sold in 2 days. Idiots!
  9. ok - i re-read it, AFTER writing another complaint email to them, in which i called their tactics ******** and said i was never using them again! lol god my temper.... watch them delete my account now! lol

    Yah,i can't relist that item for 30 days and no LV for 90? I think that's how i understand it, i'm not even sure.

    I just listed something else, not LV and it was fine (so far...) so we'll see.

    Trouble with ebay is - they are the only service people really use or trust. It's a monopoly and i have no choice :sad:
  10. Geez, pretty soon the only sellers that will be left are the scammers... :tdown:

    I get how they want to help prevent scams but all they're doing is driving away honest sellers... Which really sucks for buyers like me, I appreciate all u fabulous sellers!!!

    I'm sorry this is happening to u, hope everything works out positive :tup:

  11. It appears EvilBay is treating decent sellers like kids in first grade with a Nazi teacher. They get extra homework because, IDK, somebody sneezes. And then, when they ask "why" they got the extra homework, they get slapped with detention. Bad girl! Bad girl! It's so insulting.:nogood:
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I think it is a rule which is improving the buying experience which something ebay really needs these days. In the long run, a better buying experience = more chances to sell.

    Personally, we never use 'new' in our descriptions, save it for the most popular search terms and describe your item in the description.

    What is sad is the 90 day thing.... you can't list for 90 days because of one listing?? That is bizarre!
  13. I feel your disgust with evilbay! I just got one of my listings pulled for Trademark infringement AKA VERO hates my listing. Ebay can do nothing to help me. I have to beg/appeal VERO's decision. The listing was nothing out of the ordinary, just a simple LV. I have been listing LV for the past 3 years and list all my listing all the same. I include my own descriptions, pictures, offer a copy of the receipt etc. After my listing was pulled, I then tried to edit one of my other listings today and was blocked from editing. The message was that I needed to take a tutorial from VERO against Trademark infringement WTH! You would have to be clueless to fail the 13 question common sense tutorial! I am so sick of Ebay and will probably be done with them sooner than later. It's too bad that honest sellers with over 3000 positive feedback get treated like a common criminal, while dishonest crooks are listing obvious fakes! Who ever is incharge of VERO is targeting legitamate ebay sellers. Someone is targeting my listings and I don't know what I could do to appeal to their common sense? They let all the fake listings slide by! Sorry for the long rant!:cursing:
  14. This is exactly what I was going to say, it is very annoying when you're searching for a new item and all these "like new" items come up instead....but I definetely don't think it deserves a 30 day suspension...that's just crazy!
  15. wow WTF? ebay has gone crazy! They extended it to 90 days???? thats madness! x