Nov 9, 2005
I sell on ebay and I love it. I have had some very nice emails with customers and future customers, those that just ask a lot of questions. I personally just bought my first LV bag on ebay, a cabas piano and I love it. The link came from someone on this site and I felt very comfortable with the seller. I also am looking at another LV bag and ayla has graciously agreed to look at the pics to offer her expertise. If you have a great product to sell there are people like all of us out there that may want to buy it. After all, we all love handbags.


Dec 22, 2005
You need to get some feedback on lower cost items first. You will not just list A Mack Jacobs etc your first listing and no feedback for selling. You will not get what it is worth. The fakes have driven my prices down on some authentic items that are hard to get. There are so many copies they just buy them for about $80 to $100 less sold as new.


Oct 23, 2005
I have sold a couple of bags on eBay and haven't had problems. My feedback is low, only 4, but I take TONS of photos, answer any and all questions, give a lot of history on the bag, etc. I don't think you should sell it at Overstock or iOffer - those places are notorious for fakes and most people looking to buy authentic bags stay away from there.


Balenciaga Forever
Jan 7, 2006
Great points Cristina! I just sold my Balenciaga bag the other day on ebay and that is exacty what I did. I posted a bunch of pics on the auction and answered all questions. Someone selling a fake would be hesitant of doing any of that, she/he might do it with a bad attitude at best. Real bags have nothing to hide I say.

Honestly, I didn't think my bag would sell. Everyone was trying to low-ball the price of my bag but in the end, I got back about 80% of what the bag cost when I bought it at retail.