EBay ?

  1. Hi,

    Wanted some advice on what to do - a buyer won my item and hasn't paid for it. She claims her account was hacked into and I believe her since her bidding history shows 48 items won all using BIN in the space of 2 hours!

    My question is how do I go about getting my eBay fees reimbursed? She claims to have contacted eBay who in turn have promised to contact affected sellers, however, I haven;t heard from eBay and it's been a fortnight.

    I have started NPB proceedings and she's responded saying there is nothing more she can do.

    What are my options at this point?

  2. I think you can get your fees back w/ that option of saying the buyer/seller decided to not go through w/ the auction on the NPB rather than hit her w/ a strike. Sounds as if she is having enough to deal with and you may win a future good buyer in the long run if you take the high road. It's all up to you really, but I think I would eat this if the fees were not too high rather than put her through more, that's just my opinion of course. I don't know the auction or the fees and you are saying it looks like hacking really occurred.
  3. A fortnight is two weeks, right??

    I would definitely file for fees saying mutually agreed not to complete the transaction, and stay in touch with her. Definitely say in your fee request that she claims her account was hijacked, though! That way you have it on record.
  4. ^agree^