ebay ?!

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm thinking about cleaning out my closet. I have a load of clothes (mostly zip up jackets from triple five, abercrombie, etc) that haven't really been worn ... i usually give it away to charity (Salvation Army) but i'm thinking about trying to sell them.

    Do you guys know any sellers on eBay that actually buy this kinda stuff and resell (not talking about consignment...don't really want to deal with that, :p)

  2. I've seen lot of clothing items sell on eBay. Unless it's a well known brand like DVF, Theory, etc. you will probably have better luck selling similar items in a lot.
  3. If there is a Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading around you, you can bring it to their store and they'll buy it from you to resell.

    Before you group items into a lot, make sure to check the individual value of each. Once I sold a group of my mom's dresses in a lot, only to find out after I sold them, that one dress in that lot (a cute BCBG dress)could have sold for $80 on its own - and my entire lot of 5 dresses sold for $30! :sad: When things are in a lot, they tend to get lower prices than if you sold them individually, but for lesser known brands it works much better that way. Good luck!
  4. If your clothes are mainly from abercrombie, triple 5 soul, hollister etc then you can also try plato's closet. Heres the website.

  5. Sales are pretty slow on eBay right now, I would wait untill the Fall when sales pick up if you do decide to sell your clothing
  6. Plato's closet is great. I think I took in a huge box of clothing...and even though they only took like 10 things, I walked away with a $100.

    After that, you might want to check around your city....I live just a ways a way from Chicago and there are LOTS of places that will buy clothes from you. Just look around.

    Sometimes, with the prices and listing fees on Ebay...it's more hassle than it is worth to try and sell it.
  7. Plato's closet is awesome. They're EXTREMELY picky... I can't emphasize that enough. Don't expect more than 20% of your clothes to be bought. I figured out that if I go in there multiple times when different girls are working I can sell the stuff that one girl rejected etc. They love buying higher end clothes!
  8. Yeah. The Platos here is picky too but I realized, like you, just take stuff on different days when different people are working. I took a pair Mavi jeans and a pair Marc Jacobs jeans to mine and the girl that was working rejected both. She said the Mavi's had a fray at the bottom (it was quite small). Then I went to look around and saw a pair with darn near the whole bottom torn off from fraying :wacko: Obviously she wasn't there when those were accepted.