1. Alright, I posted a lot of my stuff on ebay, but I'm really afraid of someone hacking into my account, so I didn't want to put my credit card number on there. So, I talked to my cousin, and she gladly let me use her account, which she has never sold on, just bought. Well, now that all my stuff is on there, she decided to post one of her bags. Chanel Cambon Bowling, but I can totally tell from the pictures that it's fake! (I haven't actually seen it in real life) Anyways, I feel kind of uncomfortable now, but I'm not going to take down the six things I put up. What should I do, because I also can't just cancel her listing, I mean, it is her ID! I don't know what to do!:sad:
  2. Unfortunately, since you are using her ID, I don't think you can do anything, except for take down your items and relist them under your own ID.
  3. If you want to continue selling, get your own ID. It's pretty safe if you are ultra careful about opening spoof letters, etc and have a firewall. I've been selling for 7 years. I only got hacked once. I woke up one day to find out I was selling a Bose stereo system I didn't have...Haha. Right before that I accidentally replied to a fake "Question to the seller" email and that was probably it. I resolved it within an hour. Removed the item and changed my password. It would have been more complicated if they had changed my password.
  4. I agree. take down your items and relist later.
  5. the risk of credit card theft is MUCH greater in everyday life than it is on the internet - set up your own account, you'll be fine.
  6. You have received excellent ideas so far. Get your own eBay ID, there are precautions to make the account as safe as possible. Set up a password that is not standard (use lower case, caps, numbers, combination of them to make it more difficult), change the passwords periodically, always (and always!) open your messages from eBay from your My Messages in your My eBay (and never straight from your email account). This last step, is an excellent tool to prevent yourself from opening any pishing email.

    There's always a risk in everything, not only eBay. Don't let this prevent you from doing the things you need to do. My 2 cents..

    ps: If you are using an ISP email, you dont need to file a credit card on eBay. You only need a cc if you are using emails such as from gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

  7. I would also suggest using a separate card for online transactions, so that if you do have problems, you can get the card replaced without otherwide disrupting your spending habits. After having had problems 3 times with my card being stolen (once to buy snowboarding equipment--hey--I'm menopausal,. for heaven's sake)--I like to keep that extra "firewall" between the rest of my credit card transactions and my online transactions.
  8. You HAVE to take down your auctions, smart Buyer's will automtically not buy your items if lumped in there w/ a fake. I wouldn't.
    eBay is COMPLETELY safe, I've been using it for 6 years, make your own ID, you'll be glad you did.
  9. Yes, take your auctions down from your cousin's ID. If I saw your other listings and noticed a fake, I'd stear clear from you, full stop.

    List under you own ID. Don't worry about hackers. Just be wary and cautious as with everything else on the net. On eBay, don't answer/reply to anything unless you have logged into your eBay account and see it there in your messages. Never reply to anything directly from your email. Always log into your eBay and if it's legit, it will be in "My Messages".
  10. So, are you going to tell your cousin that her bag is a fake? Just being nosy . . . .
  11. was just wondering the same thing....:amuse:
  12. Maaaan that really sucks. :sad:

    Maybe you should ask her if she knows that the chanel is fake! and if she doesn't, tell her it's illegal to sell fakes and her paypal account can be put on hold! and that she should consider removing her listing. :sad:
  13. Yes - set up your own account. That way you don't have to worry about being associated with fake items.
  14. Don't be afraid to set up your own account :smile: Ebay is not as scary or dangerous as some might think.
  15. Seriously.. if you're continously planning on selling items., you need to set up your own account. It's safe.