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  1. I shipped an item without insurance (it was a $10 item including shipping) and the buyer says the received an empty envelope with a tear in it.
    It was a piece of plastic for a treadmill that weighed less than an ounce, and it was wrapped up in paper towels for cushioning and placed in a regular business envelope. The seal was double taped for security. Apparently one of the postage machines ripped the envelope open.

    Would you refund the $10 (I'm leaning towards this option) or do nothing because the buyer opted out of paying for insurance?
  2. I believe that the burden lies with the seller, not the buyer. I'd go ahead and refund. For $10, it's not worth putting much effort into it otherwise.
  3. Refund her. 10 bucks is also not worth negative feedback.
  4. I'd refund her. It saves the hassle of going through a Paypal claim process and shows that you provide good customer service. It is the seller's responsibility to insure items not the buyers, as insurance protects the seller.
  5. If the item never got there you will have to refund her eventually anyway. A Paypal claim will almost always go to the buyer. Refund the $10. It's not worth the hassle.
  6. the seller is ultimatly responsible. You risk getting a negative AND losing the money. Better off just refunding on good terms.

    Alot of sellers state that they are not responsible if the buyer does not purchase insurance, but eBay will side with the buyer and they will be responsible. I include insurance in the shipping cost on items over 25 just in case. I don't take chances.
  7. It is the seller's responsibility to deliver the item. That is why I always include insurance in the price of shipping. You bear the loss, not the buyer, even if they opt not to insure.
  8. If I have learned anything on eBay it's that paypal will not protect you. I sold a ralph lauren train case for like $150, buyer didn't buy insurance and it got lost in the mail by USPS. Never to be seen again. She didn't buy insurance, I had tracking numbers and everyhting, but paypal agreed with her and I was out $150 and the train case. Now, I require insurance on anything worth more than $10. I would just refund the $10 and be done with it, chalk it up to the cost of doing business. At least it wasn't something more expensive. I'm very sorry this happened to you, I know how you feel.
  9. Thanks for the responses, everyone! I'm going to refund the $. That's what I was leaning towards, anyway.