Ebay: would you sell to this buyer?

  1. To protect myself from the wolves, I have a pretty strict policy of not shipping internationally. I do however make exceptions for buyers with 100% feedback and long histories.

    This morning someone with 97.1% feedback (68 pos, 2 neg) since April 06 contacted and asked if I would ship to Japan. Her comments are private.

    What do you think?
  2. I would take a look at what she has been bidding on and winning. I personally do not sell to people who deal with fakes in any way.

    Check her negs here: Toolhaus.org

    I would ONLY ship with full insurance, tracking, delivery confirmation - also ask for her phone number. Shipping costs will be exceptionally high - she may not want to bid on that alone.

  3. i'm an international buyer from ebay. but i paid through western union so the seller had no risk for not getting the payment
  4. You mean I can see her buying/selling history even if her profile is made private?
  5. I just sold two LV's and I stated No International buyers also (although if it was a PF'er I would) - personally I would say NO to this one - not worth the hassel IMO
  6. I also exclude private feedback and Unconfirmed with Paypal - too risky for me otherwise:sad:
  7. I know exactly what you are saying. On the other hand some one has to give the new buyers a chance, I remember when I first started...
  8. I'd ask the buyer to make his feedback public for a short period so that I could see what the negative feedback was about. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding :shrugs: If he refuses, I wouldn't sell to him.
  9. It seems though that almost everyone bidding from Japan has private feedback in the US. It may have to do with the international privacy rules of Japan or it may be that it's normative to make one's feedback private. I'm not sure which it is. I think the decision has to be made after some commmunication with the buyer and seeing whether you feel the "vibe" is good or not. I would ship only with tracking though if you do decide to ship.