eBay won't let me revise my item

  1. Has this happened to anyone?

    I'm selling a few purses right now - 3 Coach bags, a Kate Spade and a pair of pants.

    One of the Coach bags is in used condition with some dirt on the tassel and yellowing on the bag. I've gotten some questions from potential buyers about it and I want to post a revision to my item stating that I'm not sure if the yellowing can come out or not, I've never tried cleaning it, etc.

    When I try to submit the listing, eBay tells me there's a system error and that I need to either link my Paypal and eBay account (which is definitely linked) or I've gone over the selling limits. All I'm trying to do is revise an existing auction!
  2. If you can't revise the actual listing maybe you can post the member question and your response to it about the yellowing in the auction. I don't think that counts as revising the listing.

    it sounds like maybe you have reached the selling limit if your account is already linked.
  3. Yeah, I would just post the answer to the question.
  4. 9 times out of 10 I just add the questions to the auction.
  5. I know exactly what you're talking about, rebecp! This drove me nuts for the entire length of my LV auctions because no one from eBay could properly explain it to me!!!

    You can't revise the auction either because (1) your ebay account and your paypal account aren't properly linked (so check that first), or (2) ebay has limits on the number of "high ticket" items that you're allowed to sell at one time! Unfortunately, ebay neglects to TELL you about #2 when you list, so if you list some bare bones info with the intention to go back and add to the description or add more pics, you are SOL in a huge way.

    I found this out the hard way after listing 4 LV items. Because I couldn't go back to add more pics, I think this reduced my chances for higher bids. It took 3 emails and 3 "live" chats with ebay customer service reps before someone could tell me what the heck was going on with my listings. Of course, no one could properly answer my question until day 6 of a 7-day auction....
  6. I had this happen to me as well, I simply used my paypal account after it wouldn't accept my credit card. It ended up working that way.