Ebay won't let me list my Chanel items... have this ever happened to you?

  1. I am relocating soon so I am trying list some of my Chanel bags and accessories on eBay for sale. However, after listing just two items (I plan to list 7 in total), eBay is showing this message to me that they occassionaly put restrictions on how many designer items you can list and you already reached your limit. I guess Chanel is a name that is counterfeited a lot. But I just listed two.. and I am moving soon so I have tons of others that I need to sell! What should I do? My account is in good standing and I have 100% positive feedback. A frequent buyer but not a frequent seller. No eBay store.
  2. Hasn't happened to me, but I have several Chanel things running right now and from what I understand this can happen anytime and to any seller no matter the feedback or how long standing you are.... Ok so I would get on hold of live customer rep ask specifically what can you do to lift the restrictions. Do they need proof? receipts? more photos?

    I was going to suggest if you have store (but you don't) to list your items in your store as it apparently does get around the restrictions there.

    Other suggestion, depending on how much of a hurry you are. Try a trading assistant or an eBay drop off store.
  3. Poster above is correct I am a powerseller with over 200+ feedback and i can only list 4 Gucci items at a time and I had 40 pieces of my colection to sell!
  4. Have you contacted them to lift the ban?
  5. I just tried the ebay live help. They couldn't help me at all. They asked me to send an email to the customer service department. Yah, I know how that will go. I guess nothing can be done then:cursing:
  6. Its not a ban. Its a restriction to combat countefeiting!

    The average person does not have more than 2-4 designer bags to list unless they have got an arm load of fakes!
  7. yup i got the restriction tooo..:tdown:
  8. Yup I HATE those restrictions. I also hate to vent, but I have serious issues w/ ebay. If vero did their job they wouldn't need these restrictions. I've seen a bunch of fakes go up at one time too from the same seller, so is this random? Ebay needs to hire some PF'ers to work counterfeit patrol bc they are clueless!
  9. I wish they can tell fakes from the real deal. Now I have learned my lesson that I need to plan selling two years before I move. But how the heck I am going to know when I am going to move so early?
  10. You are giving up too fast, start emailing customer service if that is what is necessary, ask, ask, ask, what would be necessary for you to do for them to lift the restriction. I have heard on other forums good results from ebay sellers who persisted, but you almost have to harass them to get them to take care of the matter, so go do that!
  11. That happened to me before with some LV items - if you email them and explain the situation, they should remove the limit for you. good luck!
  12. Are any of them brand new?
  13. Yes. the first one I listed is brand new. Maybe they only screen new items?
  14. Me too! Not only did they restrict how many Chanel bags I could sell at once (3) but when I tried to relist one that did not sell, they would not let me. I think I am going to consign bags from now on...eBay is becoming a REAL PAIN!:s
  15. If you search on TPF for "listing restrictions" you will find that this has happened to almost everyone who sells designer goods of certain brands.

    I don't know of many people who have gotten the restrictions lifted, unless you are a PowerSeller with a dedicated PowerSeller rep, and a longtime eBayer with experience selling these items for several years.
    If customer service is no help (and honestly they rarely are, unfortunately), then you will probably just have to wait it out; normally they allow you one or two listings per 7 day period.

    I know it's frustrating, but luxury goods companies are suing eBay left and right because of people selling fakes, and eBay is trying to do *something* to not only reduce fraud on the site but limit their own liability. Unfortunately the honest sellers get caught up in the net too.