Ebay with Fakes

  1. What happen to eBay lately? My eBay a/c was suspended nearly a year for the reason of trademark misused :crybaby:but in reality I never used Fake and never sold fake too :push:. I saw many fakes are selling on eBay now and just wonder what they are doing? See the below link:

    *let's not advertise for them, okay? ;)

    This seller sold all fakes but get 100% + feedback. How ridiculous???
  2. Didn't you know? Ebay is run by a bunch of drunken monkeys! ;)
  3. omfg!!! yeah - i totally know NOW what u mean. i decide to try to sell some of my bags and i sell 6 things over a month and a half and then they remove 4 new listing- stating that i "may be selling replicas" (ie- not using my own picutres and being fraudluent with my statements ?????)-- so i email back- these r my own pictures- these r real- what is exactly the point? and they email me back and remain as vague as ever. so, i have no idea. i will now rethink ebay (there r so many horror stories - maybe this is a good sign) and i know i NEED to watermark! but for now- i m just gonna stop. not worth knowing the devils u dont!
  4. Awwwwwww, what have drunken monkeys done to deserve that.;)
  5. LMAO i just spit out a little coffee at that one!!!111 :roflmfao:
  6. EBAY retains the highest recognition award and the biggest trophy ever made for giving the most evasive answers to direct simple questions. They do not need you and they do not care. For every 'fool' they ignore, 100 more fools register and take their place.
  7. Good one. :yes:
  8. How do you even make a watermark that's what I have to do to sell things on E-Bay? I think I might just sell them to a consigment shop.
  9. Jenna,

    Have you considered registering with Auctiva? You'll save $$ on listings and they also offer an automated watermarking system. Takes all the guess work out of the process. WAY 2 COOL!:yahoo:
  10. I downloaded a free watermarking program called PicMark. I use it all the time.

    You could definitely use a consignment shop, but they will take a huge cut of your sales. Even though eBay takes a lot of fees, it's much less than having someone sell for you.
  11. Great piece of information! Is there an easy way to download pics though? I tried once and it took sooo long to download each picture.