eBay.. What to do?

  1. Hi all,

    I've been watching a wallet on eBay that has a BIN price of about $100 cheaper than retail. It's in good condition and has been confirmed real thanks to the wonderful people hanging out in the Authenticate This thread.

    In addition to the BIN, there is a Best Offer option, and my question is should I go ahead and bite the bullet to make sure I get it, or try to make an offer and hope the seller takes it? Even then, does the BIN ensure you'll be the one to get it, or can someone else make a Best Offer above that and win the item? :confused1: I haven't bought anything on eBay in a LONG time and even then I'm not very experienced so I have no idea how this works!

    Thanks guys, I know i can count on your experience and expertise to help me out :shame:
  2. if they have a best offer option they must be open to idea's if it where me I'd make a serious offer the seller can always counter offer if they are looking for more if they accept your offer it's binding nobody can come in over you

  3. couldnt have been said better.:wlae:
  4. I'm sure if you give a best offer that's no less than around $15-$20 off the asking price, she would probably accept it.
  5. Thanks guys!! I'm off to play the eBay game, wish me luck!
  6. Good Luck!
  7. Good Luck! Let us know the outcome!
  8. You can make up to 3 offers now, so you can work your way up slowly, but within reason. I wouldnt start with 10 for a 100$ item...
  9. No LV for me today.. :crybaby:

    The auction ended up closing the auction early due to selling the item to a family member outside eBay. The seller was actually a tFP member, so I feel like I should be inclined to be a little less disappointed than I would have been otherwise, but I still wanted it badly. :sad:

    There aren't any more listings for the same wallet right now, but I check all the time for updates. Hopefully next time!