EBAY: What is the basis for "authentic"?

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  1. I have had a nagging question while searching for a Balenciaga bag on ebay....what classifies the sellers to claim it is "authentic"? Websites like efashionstore.com and sacbelle.com CLAIM their items are authentic, but we all know they are not the real deal. Well, what prevents sellers on ebay to purchase bags on those sites and turn around and claim they are "100% authentic" on ebay? Technically, they are not "lying" b/c that is what those websites claim! Of course, you can look for auctions that have STORE receipts, but those are far and few between.

    I want to invest in a Balenciaga, but am afraid of getting scammed... :worried:
  2. well, a quick way is to check the seller's store. if they're selling 20 "impossible to find" bags, they are fake. also, check the feedback if they have sold bags like that before.
  3. Just my 2 cents but - let's say your looking for a bag that retailed at the price of $1700.00. Do you really HONESTLY BELIEVE that someone would be selling said bag, brand new with all tags and maybe even receipt - for $200? When I look at bags on ebay, list the search engine to go from highest price to lowest price. I take what I know to be the list price of the bag and figure that I will start my search at maybe $200 below what it retailed for. Those would be the only auctions I would even consider "authentic".

    Now, don't get me wrong - there are people out there trying to sell fakes for as much as the real deal costs. In cases like that, you need to know the real bag inside and out and compair photo's that are shown, ask loads of questions, check the feedback of the seller, and in general be a pain in the ass. If you start getting any weird vibes from the auction and or seller, then stay away and look elsewhere. Loads of people have purchased fake bags thinking they were real, and when you talk to them they say they knew something was wrong but wanted the bag so much they simply overlooked the signs.

    The moral is, be an informed buyer and don't rely on the seller to teach you what you should already know.
  4. eBay doesn't exactly monitor the sale of counterfeit merchandise very well. Tons of sellers get away with claiming they sell authentic bags, when they are actually selling fakes. Because eBay makes money off of listing fees, they don't do much to stop this :suspiciou

    The best way to tell is to do your research. Look at up-close photos of the bag you want. I have an "eBay" folder on my computer that has photos of the bags I search for on eBay, as kind of a guideline for distinguishing the real thing from a fake. Go to the store where the bag is available (if it's possible) and look at the bag up close. Ask the seller for more detailed photos - a seller who has a real bag for sale will most likely be very accommodating and send more pictures, as well as answer any questions you might have.

    The price does matter... no one in their right mind would sell an $1100 Balenciaga for $300. But some sellers do price their fake bags high so they attract potential bidders, so there are other things to look for.
  5. They fake receipts too, so please don't take that as a valid indicator that the item is authentic. Anyone can purchase fake receipts on ioffer, they even fake eluxury receipts!
  6. if you're looking for b-bags, study ateliernaff.blogspot.com, they have great tips that helped me buy an authentic pewter balenciaga on ebay a few weeks ago. also, if there's a specific auction you like, ask us! i love trying to authenticate bags, it's like a puzzle, so feel free to post as many links for us as you need to in order to find your bag!
  7. I have 14 (and counting) B-Bags, so I know what to look for. Sometime ago (when I first joined the forum), I wrote up some guidelines as to what to look for (and watch out for) related to Balenciaga bags. I also wrote up a list of those "online" retailers that (or are authorized to) sell Balenciaga bags. Now, if I can just find then in here ... :weird:

    Christina is right though ... you need to do your research! The eBay sellers "DudeILoveYou", "Leshent", "Ckiom", "Personalshoppers" " all sell authentic Balenciaga bags Most of these folks take a LOT of pictures and are not afraid to answer questions. I would recommend looking at the photos very carefully and comparing them to the ones that have "20 bags" or "rare color" (usually means - never made!) or where the starting bid is ridiculously low (too good to be true - usually is!).

    If you get the chance and can find my guideline, that would be helpful too! Good luck ...
  8. Thanks so much for all your advice :smile: I am also running into the same problem with the marc jacobs stam bag...but these sellers claim to have the bag with the nordstrom tag attached!?

    Ebay is starting to seem like a big ol' trap...
  9. i added you to my favorite sellers!

    and i don't see someone called ckiom...

    lol i'm always looking for new sellers
  10. like wise, im adding you too :smile:
  11. I usually find an auction or pictures online of the bag i'm looking for- pictures of an authentic one.

    Then I compare them to the one in the auction I'm wondering about. I also post the auction title on the ebay handbags message board and ask them if they think its authentic.
  12. CeeJay meant "ckiom12"... I just bought a bordeaux B-bag from her and am very excited about it. :nuts:
  13. Remember too that some sellers who are selling fakes will steal photo's from another seller or past auctions of real bags. As it was stated here, an honest seller with a real bag will accomidate you with more photographs and answer all questions. Generally, if you ask for more pics and the seller tells you they can't for some reason - run! Another good thing is ask the seller to prove they have the bag in their possession by writing your name on a piece of paper and putting it next to the bag they are selling when they photograph it for you. ;)
  14. Hi Ceejay, where is this guideline that everyone is talking about. i have searched and searched and cant seem to find it anyway.
  15. I just wanted to reiterate that there are sellers with either fake receipts or fake bags with an authentic receipt. I've seen this with the Miu Miu Coffers and other bags on ebay.

    Your best bet is to go with a known seller or a seller recommended from here. Otherwise you can never be sure. Some fakes are painfully obvious, but others are getting better and better...