Ebay weird - anybody had this?

  1. I just bid on an item on ebay and kept on getting outbid. Eventually I didn't want to go any further so I stopped and it said I had been outbid. Now if I look at the auction it says I am the highest bidder (for a lower amount than I bid) but in my ebay section it is in red which means I am not the highest bidder but it still says if you click on the item that I am the highest bidder? Any ideas?
  2. Maybe the other bidder backed out?
  3. could be could be - it would be a bit coincidental if it happened at the same time don't you think? Mmm I'm all worried now something is going on especially since it doesn't appear in my ebay as me being the winner yet on the actual auction it says its me?????? concerned.
  4. Do they have more then one item?
  5. pm the item number if you are worried honey, it might be good for somebody not logged in as you to have a look and see who is the winner. Very odd :sad:
  6. Those backouts make me think of shill bidders.
  7. :yes: That is the first thought that came to my mind when I was reading the post. I would be a little worried about purchasing the item.
  8. ^^^ Ditto!
  9. Whats a Shill Bidder?
  10. It's when either the seller or someone the seller knows bids against the other bidders to jack up the price of the item up for auction.
  11. happen before to me fortunately I didn't win and I think the seller has to relist the bag..I assumed the shill bidder won ..
  12. Definitely sounds like a shill bidder.
    Since the seller doesn't know how much the high bidder acutally bid, they (illegally) use another account to keep bidding it up until they get what they want for it.
    It's illegal and you can (and should) report it.
    That's why now, whenever I get outbid, I search to see what other items the bidder's bid on..and about 99% of the time, I'm right on them being a shill. It's almost a giveaway sometimes, since they tend to a- have the same approximate registration date as the seller and b-have little to no feedback.
  13. OP- post the auction# on the purse forum there, they will let you know what they think...
  14. Yes - please post the no and we can carry out our own little investigation! tpf investigation agency LOL!
  15. Eh time for my dime bar moment here!

    I emailed the seller to ask her what was going on. She came back and said on her side I was the highest bidder but the reason it is in red is because the reserve has not been met. I went back into my ebay page and true enough the cross at the top says you are highest bidder but the reserve has not been met!

    How silly do I feel right now???