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Ebay way too many fakes!


Dec 24, 2005
i'm scared of buying something terribly expensive through ebay but with a little work, you can find a great deal!

the marketplace is my friend :biggrin:


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Jan 4, 2006
melisande said:
I agree that it's important to use common sense. And it's also important to research thoroughly before buying.

Yes, there are risks inherent in ebay and it isn't at all a perfect system. But I'm actually grateful that it exists, more often than not. Sometimes it's the only way of finding something that you thought you would never have been able to find or to own. Not everything is fake, not all sellers are scammers. And it truly is possible to find deals.
It is true I am sure there are many auth nice collector items on Ebays, only if there are more honest sellers...:sad:


night sky
Feb 23, 2006
Everevereve, was there a particular bag or brand you had in mind? Maybe some of the knowledgable people on this forum can help you. :smile:
What are you looking for?
Everevereve said:
I think I should just give up on Ebay :sad: It is just so hard to find a real deal there ( At least for me :cry: ). Too many fakes and there is no such thing as great deal right, mind as well just save up and get it from the store, right :lol: So does anyone else feel that way or still feel the luck searching for a good deal on Ebay?


Feb 4, 2006
You can find deals on genuine bags but not fabulous deals. But sometimes you can find something you want that is no longer available new.


Mar 2, 2006
I have recently retired from ebay...when it comes to buying bags or jeans....too many fakes, too much risk involved... check out www.honestforum.com great website for jeans and stuff...its like this site but for jeans haha


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Jan 2, 2007
Handbag Heaven
I'm the lucky one who never get any fakes from ebay :smile: ..... I don't put a bid on if I am not sure item is authentic. It depends on how much you can authenticate the item.


Dec 28, 2006
It's not really worth it in my mind.

I have no doubts you can find deals but honestly, I'd much rather be paying more at a boutique and knowing it's real rather than having to deal with the headache that is eBay and/or PayPal in the even that something goes wrong.


Jan 2, 2007
Hello. I am a seller on Ebay, I have been selling for 6 years. I also purchase most of my designer handbags on Ebay and have never been scammed. As an honest and reputable seller, it is sad to read that most buyers avoid Ebay because they are afraid of being scammed. Yes there are many unethical sellers who are out to scam others, however there are many good sellers as well. The key is knowing what you are buying and knowing who you are buying from. First of all never purchase items from a seller with numerous negative feedbacks. Sure, it is normal for sellers to get a bad feedback once in a while especially when you sell alot of merchandise. When you are buying highly counterfeited merchandise and the seller has even 1 bad feedback for selling a fake - steer clear! Next always use Paypal for payment - this way if there is a problem and the seller will not make it right for you - you have protection through paypal. Lastly, really know what you are buying. I personally only buy handbags that I have seen in person and then go to Ebay to purchase for less money. Lasly, I like to buy from sellers whose bags have vendor and store tags attached, a bonus if they can provide proof of purchase as well. I hope this helps. :yahoo:

don't blow!

Sep 17, 2006
i find ebay a dream place to buy, but an absolute horror to sell. I really wish there were other websites where you could actually SELL your bags if you put up a want ad, but ebay is the best bet. With all the selling fees, and the new troubles ebay has been opposing on AUTHENTIC sellers, it's become such a hassle!


Nov 21, 2006
i'm feeling fakes have some great, high quality, but low price. 99% similar real goods, why? becase the price very low, customer accept easily.

Why buyer want a real and spent a high price? the quality and consciousness, in fact, the effect same by use.

Why ebay business more badly? the price compete, more low quality product into ebay.

Fakes has 5 rank: Not A, A1 , A2, A3, A4,
But A5 just is real , :yes:
The price will more high following the rank. Of course, 99% on ebay is fakes,
But they also saled better. and buyer alomost all love. because they got their loved which they spent -- rank. Usually , no rank idea in almost all buyer's head. they think the product good, and then like them.

Real and fakes, only price and quality. But real not low price, this is common sense...


Nov 21, 2006
Good mirror is good high quality fake, as real. and real product same fake before just out factory. --- no fax and wrong sequence number. they are fakes, but real product. As a king of not born from palace... ;)

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I never buy from Ebay. All the things the sell are mostly fake!
I think this is too much of a generalization. True, there are more fakes listed now than 6 years ago, but I agree with most of the posters who say all these fake listings make it extremely difficult to find good deals on Authentic goods! I find now more than ever I am searching with a cautious and paranoid eye. There are, however, great guides to help you learn about products you are adamant about purchasing on ebay. the link is eBay Reviews & Guides and I actually learned a LOT! I even went and checked all my items bought from dept stores to see if I could notice thesthings.
Its just unfortunate that all of the scammers are making it difficult for you or me to sell Authentic items we just don't want!