Ebay way too many fakes!

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  1. I think I should just give up on Ebay :sad: It is just so hard to find a real deal there ( At least for me :cry: ). Too many fakes and there is no such thing as great deal right, mind as well just save up and get it from the store, right :lol: So does anyone else feel that way or still feel the luck searching for a good deal on Ebay?
  2. Im feeling the same way. I think the best way to get what we really want from now on is the either purchase from a high end retailer, or post want ads and just keep scanning the Marketplace here on the PF. Im getting sick of trying to sell my auth. items on ebay too, because of all of the fakes no one trusts the few honest sellers like myself. Therefore they dont want to pay what Im asking.
  3. I'm so scared of Ebay for that reason! Sometimes it's so ridiculous, a pic of a horriblly fake bag with the seller guaranteeing authenticity, Ebay is a great tool, but a breeding place for fraud as well!
  4. Yes! And some I think they reuse photo or steal other's photo to sell ( which suck) and what if the seller is giving you a fake bag while the picture looks good....ugh
  5. I stay away from ebay when it comes to designer anything. It's so hard to find a auth bag. It's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. I would much rather pay retail then end up with a horrible fake.
  6. Ebay is like shopping on your own risk. You kinda have to research and truely know the seller, be an expert on the bag you are bidding on. I enjoy it and have become an ebay addict for awhile:lol:
    You can find great deals on and that's what I love about it. It feels so great when you find something you've desired for so long at 1/2 price because some sellers don't care how much they are selling it for. They just want to get rid of it to make more room in their closet... but they are real losers and scammers are well. That's why.. I always pay thru cc on paypal. Never ever by money order or check.
  7. Yeah I suppose so especially for people ( like me ) who is not good at telling real or fake...I try to learn and train my eyes to see them but still I think it's a tough job!
  8. Ahh so good to hear that people actually do get real deals!I suppose it will be cool you so lucky!:smile:
  9. I'm scared of buying bags on ebay. I'm afraid the pictures will be real, but they'll send a fake. Then, you can't prove it. So, I never bought a bag there.
  10. I never buy from Ebay. All the things the sell are mostly fake!
  11. I've gotten good deals from eBay but it depends on what you're looking for. I look for kate spades most of the time and my BF checks them for me if I'm unsure of something. If it's a line he's not familiar with, I ask some other people on the eBay discussion board like elviscostellofan or I pass on it. I have purchased more than 15 kate spades on eBay and haven't gotten a fake yet.
  12. I recently purchased a used speedy 30, and I'm pretty confident in my purchase. I think ebay can be a great thing you just need to be careul- and always pay though paypal for protection against fakes. :smile:
  13. I agree--always have other eyes take a look, unless it's a brand you're really knowledgeable about or you know the seller (some of the people on this board are also there). The ebay community board purse people are another great resource, like the people here are, and you can learn a lot there. It's also a good idea to never buy from people who have a zillion things listed and/or very little feedback. Although there are vendors there who consistently sell the same fakes over and over and have good feedback numbers. A lot of it is common sense. I mean, who has a hundred brand new current model Pradas, for example, and is willing to sell them all at 30% of the retail price? No one!
  14. I agree that it's important to use common sense. And it's also important to research thoroughly before buying.

    Yes, there are risks inherent in ebay and it isn't at all a perfect system. But I'm actually grateful that it exists, more often than not. Sometimes it's the only way of finding something that you thought you would never have been able to find or to own. Not everything is fake, not all sellers are scammers. And it truly is possible to find deals.
  15. Thank God for the Market Place!!!