ebay warning for coach totes

  1. not that our educated forum users need warnings against fake bags:biggrin: ...but in case any newbies are looking at coach bags on ebay:

    Look out for this huge glut of khaki and deep brown totes from china and shanghai. Most are being sold by a btkdougs and some other seller, both of whom have private feedback, w/ scores of ten, all from the past few days.

    I was just checking out what was available in coach and started feeling really mad at myself because I had recently bought a large brown beaded tote for around $230. I was flipping out b/c I saw similar ones for bin $95. Upon further inspection, however, I found that they almost all look very suspicious!!:hrmm:
  2. That was a pretty good price for that beaded tote. I own one in flint and if I was to let it go on ebay I couldn't possibly give it away!
  3. It's not just Coach that has been targeted with fakes this weekend, there have been a ton of fake Chloes and LV as well. All of the sellers are from Asia, have super low prices for the bags but high shipping costs, and all have exactly 10 positive feedback. They go on to E-Bay on weekends in huge batches.

    When I come across these sellers I have been reporting them to:


    The moderators there work directly with E-Bay to get the sellers removed. It is alot of work but I am glad they are willing to do it! Peggy
  4. I just noticed this, too! All the ones I've seen have private feedback, but when I check it on goofbay, it's 10 positives. And all the sellers' IDs seem to be random combinations of letters, like efyty, lckjdy, etc. Weird.
  5. i've seen it too...and there are many of them. mostly from china.
  6. I have been searching eBay for a little bit and come across TONS all for about the BIN price of 95-ish. I hope nobody gets duped!
  7. I hceck for the littel target sign indicating it came from the outlets. Not sure how long it will take til they start to fake that too!
  8. Lots of Coach patchwork bags that look VERY suspicious.....
  9. I gave up looking for Coach on ebay. I only shop at the boutiques or outlets these days. Too risky. I am sure many newbies get duped. It is a very sad thing.
  10. thank you for the heads up

    I figure let's bump this up