ebay wants to visit me?

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  1. Got an email from eBay saying that they are doing a research and would like to visit me for 2.5 hours at MY home!? And they will pay me a $200 AE giftcard for that!?

    Is this a scam?
  2. What could they want to talk to you about for that long?? That's so strange... which email address did it come from?
  3. It came w/ an email address like this -- firstlast@eBay.com and the header addressed me by my full name!
  4. I'd contact someone from e-bay if I were you...
  5. Yes, contact eBay...there's too much scamming going on. Sounds fishy to me!
  6. I Agree!!! That sounds scary to me. Even if they will be giving me monetary compensation for that "research" they say that they'll be conducting.. I will not commit to it. I don't want any stranger inside my house.
  7. Even if this were genuine (and it sounds like a scam), I would refuse. I find it highly unusual that any online business would want to visit me in my home, especially when answers from online surveys tend to be more accurate than answers given in a face-to-face interview.
  8. i got it too!!!
    i dunno, it looks genuine to me..but im not interested though.hehe...
  9. I got that email too. They said they'd select ebay users and come to their houses to do a survey in how to improve Ebay. I did not answer the email. Contact them and ask them. I believe they do something like that every year but the users (sellers and buyers) actually go the main offices in San Jose, CA., they dont visit you they pay yo to go there for like two days I think.
  10. It might be worth investigating. I work for a large fortune 500 financial services company and we actually had a research project where we went out to interview small business owners across the country for several hours. We paid each participant several hundred dollars. They may ask to video tape you though.
  11. Of course check it out fully, but ...I know it sounds crazy but I would not be at all shocked if that were legit. I would write a new email to that person (firstlast@ebay.com) and make sure, but then if it is legit, heck I would totally do it.
    I know that eBay is a big company, but believe it or not they DO form impressions of certain eBay members for various reasons. Real live people do work there, despite the impressions to the contrary that their stupid form emails give.
    I know this because I've worked very closely with the trust & safety department at eBay for years now, trying to come up with ways to combat fakes (yeah yeah I know, big success so far LOL). They have called me on the phone many, many times and in fact I'm on a first name basis with 5 or 6 people in one department because of the work I have done with them.
    If you have made yourself to known to certain people at eBay and they think you have some input that can benefit the company and/or the greater eBay community at large, then I would not be surprised one bit that they would contact you and ask to talk with you.

    edited to add that your location may have a lot to do with an invitation for a personal visit.
  12. Send that email to spoof@ebay.com and wait for a response. They WILL respond and then you'll know.
  13. If it did not come in on your Ebay messages as well as your email account I would be very skeptical. I would not do it even if it turned out to be legit..what exactly are they looking for? What if they see something they do not like? In this day and age I would never let someone in my home under these circumstances. Please be careful.
  14. Keep us informed as to what you find out.
  15. I have never heard of that before, and I have contacted a friend that works for ebay uk and she said it is not a practice she has heard of!

    Be careful!