Ebay vs. Bonanzle- Anyone try/do both?

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  1. I've been selling on ebay a long time, but keep seeing Bonanzle items being authenticated, and I know some reputable sellers sell there. Anyone here do both, either at the same time or one then the other? What are the pro's/con's? Good business on Bonanzle, or better on Ebay? Would love to hear opinions as someone who doesn't want all her eggs in one Ebay basket!!
  2. I had a horrible experience with Bonanzle.. although there are much lower fees, there is also much less protection / no protection for both the buyer and seller. After using both, I decided to use ebay ONLY from now on.
  3. ^^ Was your experience as a buyer or seller?
  4. Hi!
    Lots of threads/info on this already.
    Please try our search.

Thread Status:
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