Ebay voided my sale after I shipped the item !

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  1. Sold an Hermes Birkin on eBay this weekend, buyer paid w/paypal Sunday, I shipped yesterday Fedex overnight. It was shipped to the Paypal confirmed address and delivered and signed for this afternoon. Buyer had good feedback 150+.

    Sounds good, no.

    This afternoon I get a note from eBay that :

    The results of the following listings have been cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner's authorization:

    I called eBay and said that the customer has already paid and that I shipped to a Paypal confirmed address. Ebay said for me to call Paypal.

    Called Paypal, they said they have received no notification of fraudulent activity and since I shipped to a confirmed address, no worries. Just keep a copy of the shipment delivery notification.

    I"M WORRIED ! The phone number from Ebay's contact number is disconnected. Can't find another number for that name in that city either.

    Have sent email to buyer, but no response yet.

    Any advice ??
  2. Oh that stinks, but like Paypal said, you shipped to a confirmed address so you shouldn't be concerned with a chargeback.
  3. HL - this is the worst news! please do keep us posted. I'm so sorry you must go through this! hNe
  4. :shocked: Hermes Birkin?? I cross fingers for you. Hope she isn't nasty buyer or scammer.

    May you need to send that additional information to PayPal so when she try to chargeback, PayPal will beside you or if you affraid of lost money & Hermes ( OMG! ), consider to protect yourself by close your cc/PayPal. This buyer might be do charge back
  5. I would just sit tight for a day or two and keep checking the tracking number to see if its delivered. keep documents of everything and go from there. good luck!
  6. Not a good idea to run away and hide :wlae:
  7. Sorry, I should have said that it was delivered and signed for today. Fedex sent me confirmation as well, and a copy of her signature.

    I googled her name and she is business owner and BBB member. Maybe it was some mixup from Ebay. However, the buyer still has not responded to any of my emails. Still worried...

    Thanks for your kind words of support !
  8. this happened to me recently. i spoke with ebay and they said to still ship the item (well, not exactly like yours, they pulled my listing for accusing me of stealing pics when it was actyally my pics that were stolen).

    If it was me, I would take all of the money out of my paypal account and then see what happens.
  9. Yep, my paypal balance is zero ! Thank you for your wise advice.

    Love your avitar !
  10. that is SO weird. not to state the obvious, but seriously, i hope this works out for you. have you been emailing the buyer through ebay to see if they answer?
  11. Oh no I hope things turn out o.k for you. Good luck!
  12. any updates?
  13. i'm curious as well. thanks really worries me about future transactions!:wtf:
  14. Nothing back from Ebay, but I think it was an error on their part. The buyer has paid, Paypal is fine, and buyer has left me positive feedback.

    I think everything will be fine. Whew ! :heart: