Ebay Versus Bonanzle

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  1. Hello,

    I know PayPal is an eBay company, but Will PayPal protect sellers when transactions are done through Bonanzle as opposed to Ebay. I've never sold anything on Bonanzle before and it's been a while since I've sold a high ticket item on eBay, so I'm a little rusty. :P Your opinion is appreciated. Thx!
  2. Well, I'm pretty sure that Paypal's protection policies extend to any venue in which your item is sold, obviously just as long as Paypal is your payment method. Keep in mind that Paypal's protection is skewed toward the buyer, however - not the seller.
  3. I believe that SNAD is only for items purchased on ebay.
  4. ^Correct, SNAD only covered for purchases from ebay with PP, SNAD is not covered with PP... you'd have to take it up with your credit card company you use for purchase instead...
  5. Looks like I'm better off using Ebay then? My plan is to take PayPal ONLY. My major concern, like many sellers, is being scammed by buyers. I suppose the switch and bait is compensated through my use of security tags but SNAD does cross my mind.
  6. Personally, I still prefer Ebay more than Bonanzle.
  7. The PP SELLER protection is pretty much consistent w/ any venue that PP is used. It is the BUYER protection that is only available via Ebay, of which a buyer has both Ebay buyer protection and PP buyer protection.

    You need to be very cautious w/ either venue as a Seller. What I personally prefer on BONZ is the ability to NOT allow BIN, which gives me the opportunity to decide whether or not I wish to complete the transaction w/ the buyer prior to Buyer's payment.

    Ebay has more traffic. Bonz has less fees and is IMO more seller friendly.
  8. Even if a seller takes PP, they are still subject to charge backs from a cheating buyer... no matter whether you had an auction on da 'BAY or Bonz (except some sellers might be protected by PP if they shipped as required).
  9. Correct, PP supposedly does still offer charge back protection for INR, but not for SNAD.
  10. Yeah, I like Bonanzle because of lower fees. It's something I'd like to try. Can I list an item on both Bonanzle and Ebay OR is that a bad idea? I'm not in a hurry to sell the item but would be nice to clear my closet.

  11. Because of SNAD protection?

  12. LOL, I don't know what INR means. :P

  13. That's why I like to set parameters that allow me to choose who to bid and buy.
  14. Sophie - INR = Item not Received.

    There is an EBay rule that says you cannot list on another site at the same time as EBay... but how they can enforce it, I have no idea!

    I prefer Bonanzle for the fees and the fact that you can strike up a proper relationship with buyers. Most come from here.

    However, business is slow, EBay is faster. But I still list on Bonz if I'm in no hurry. EBay worries me nowadays.
  15. By the way, being a new seller on Bonanzle, obviously puts me in an unfavorable position since I have no feedback history, do you guys transfer your eBay feedback to Bonanzle?
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