Ebay versus Bonanza to sell. Opinions Please

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    Hello everyone,

    I just sold my LV Insolite Multicolore on eBay and lm now thinking of listing my xxxxxxxxxxxxx that hasnt been used - lm a little hesitant now to list such a high ticket item on eBay - l think lve heard too many horror stories on here in regards to dishonest buyers, fraud etc. Does anyone think it would be a little safer to sell this bag on Bonanza, mainly because l was thinking it will attract people of a like mind and fellow TPFers????
    Im really not sure - lm in Australia as well!!
    Much appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Hello and thank you for posting! Please try a search of this topic. We have dozens of thread already pages long that discuss the pros and cons of eBay vs. bonanza vs. craigslist vs. ecrater.. etc.

    Thank you!!
  3. I don't think it is any safer on Bonz..........there have been some posts here about being scammed on Bonz. I think if the traffic there was any greater we would be seeing more scams than we have. If you take PayPal you can be screwed no matter where you are selling since they opened up the buyer Protection plan to include sites besides Ebay.
    Just my opinion , of course. Others may feel differently.
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