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  1. I just had a Chloe handbag listing pulled - it had my own photos, my own description, all of the photos showing that it was an authentic item, etc. I have to take a quiz before I can list anything else - I am so angry! I have other 3,000 feedback with 99.8% positive listings, etc. This is from the Vero quiz: Can someone tell me how to answer this question - and I have to answer it yes or no:

    "Crystal wrote her own item description and took her own pictures, but she copied factual information from the manufacturer's technical specifications (length, weight, etc.). Is this against the law or against eBay policy? a. yes b. no"

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] How in the hell do you answer that question? Remember, this is from eBay!!!!:cursing:
  2. Answer yes. Good luck.
  3. I would answer yes as well - i think thats the answer they would want
  4. I know what the answer is - I was reading it as either/or. It is just so silly! I have written the Chloe representative as follows:


    You contacted eBay, and you requested the removal of the following listing: xxxxxxxxxxxx - NWT$1800+ Chloe Paddington Tall Satchel Rouge

    This is an authentic Chloe Handbag. Do you need a copy of the receipt where I purchased it from Luisa via roma? I did not use any photos or descriptions that were not mine. Please let me know as soon as possible what I need to provide you with.

    I, along with many of my friends, sell our handbags on Ebay. We sell authentic handbags. Many of us have had our listings ended with no reason given other than there is a vero violation. It would be most helpful if you can tell us what we need to do to correct the alleged violation.

    Please contact me as soon as possible.

    Attorney at Law

    If anyone else is having problems having authentic items pulled, and you are not getting a response from the rights holder as to how to specifically correct your auction, can you please pm so that we can address this en masse?

    I had another Chloe auction ended, and this is the response that I rec'd from them, along with my response back to them - you have to read it kind of backwards:

    My e-mail to them was dated 1/17/07 - I have not heard back from them for the alleged violation on 1/17/07 - that was a different auction.

    This handbag was purchased at Luisaviaroma. Are you saying that Luisaviaroma is selling counterfeit Chloe handbags. If I were you, I would be very concerned about this. You are not specific in your message to me. Could you please be more specific about the "counterfeit Chloe trademarks and also infringes design rights and copyright owned by the brand." What specifically was the problem with this listing?

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: ebay Chloe Account
    To: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 12:28 AM
    Subject: RE: Chloe Handbag Listing on Ebay

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We represent Chloé in the worldwide enforcement of its intellectual property rights. With respect to your query, the item in question was removed from auction as we believe it bears counterfeit Chloé trademarks and also infringes design rights and copyright owned by the brand.

    Best regards,
    Richemont International SA - Intellectual Property Department

    From: xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx]
    Sent: Tue 1/16/2007 2:46 PM
    To: ebay Chloe Account
    Subject: Chloe Handbag Listing on Ebay


    Can you tell me why your reported my Ebay listing and why you requested that it be removed. This is an authentic Chloe handbag.
    xxxxxxxxx - NWT Chloe Side Pocket Paddington Handbag Tall Satchel

    Thank you.

    Annette Stevens

  5. I got the same e-mail details respond as you got and they don't even care about it. I also sell only authentic bag which originally purchased from boutique. my a/c suspended from ebay now and I don't care to reinstated my a/c. I don't wanna sign in form prove of guilty. I'm not guilty coz I'm not selling fakes.

    Ebay Sucks!
  6. answer is yes. FACTUAL information can be copied.
  7. you can't copyright an items dimensions or physical proportions!

  8. oh vicky! that is BEYOND crappy! screw that admission of guilt! how much can an ebay account mean to you any way!? well, it can mean quite a bit, but, unless you are getting something heavy out of this, walk away.

    ebay is becoming a joke.

    i love how fakes still get away with it.
  9. I took the quiz and the answer is yes, lol. But you don't have to answer everything correctly.

    It's yes, because it means like the bag is " x " x " and the strap is " long. The colour, you know? But you can't word it the same.
  10. This makes me so mad! If they are supposedly trying to protect buyers from fakes why is the number of fakes on ebay is so astronomical! There's about one authentic bag to every twenty fakes! And they are outrageous obvious fakes too! Are these Vero people Chloe employees or more ebay idiots because they are absolutely clueless!

    Sorry you had to deal with these morons, lovelygarments! eBay has become an absolute joke!
  11. Did you put a copy of the receipt, with personal info edited out, in the listing?
  12. the quiz said the info could be the same. its info, not a copywritten piece.
  13. This is so totally crazy with all the fakes on ebay they are only hitting on authentic sellers I cannot understand it! Do they just need to be seen to be doing something?
  14. I have a cooler head today. Roz, you may be right. Perhaps in the upcoming litigation here in U.S., Ebay can say, "we closed 5% of all designer handbag auctions." I really don't know what their thinking is. On the bright side, it is so nice to not see as many counterfeit products. On the "dark" side, it does not make sense to close authentic auctions if the vero rights holder is not telling the seller exactly what is wrong with their auction. The seller has no way to correct the problem. I am sure this is a work in progress, and a step by step process will have to be implemented. Right now, for me at least, the vero rights holder (the Chloe representative) is not allowing me to relist my item on Ebay because they will not tell me specifically what I have to do to bring my auction into compliance. And if they don't tell Ebay that I can relist, then I can't relist. I am going to follow Ebay's steps, and in the meantime the cute Chloe red paddington that would have been perfect for a Valentine's gift is not going to be sold over the Valentine's day buying period. Oh my! How to fund my other designer bag purchases?!!!;)
  15. good grief, sorry for your nightmare.

    but the answer is NO, it is NOT against the law or ebay policy (see the way the question was phrased).

    good luck!